Sports events

Tournaments, Races, Leagues, Masterclasses, Exhibitions: sporting events are the perfect service to connect with your users.

The incredible variety and the possibilities for innovation that they offer make them the ideal tool to create unique experiences.

At Sportmadness we work with all formats in both popular and niche sports. We will help you create the personalized event that fits your audience and goals.


Our sporting events differ in theirs ...

Integral management

At Sportmadness we take care of all the management of your sporting event, from the beginning to the end. We have our own methodology for the design and organization of sporting events, we have a sports digital Marketing department, and we work with top-level suppliers to take care of the quality of the event. You just have to talk to us!


Our sports events company has its own developed software for managing sports projects. We are experts in creating websites with digital payment channels, we have an App to join the user... the technology is at your service!


Our network allows us to combine centralized management with the local knowledge of our delegations, led by sports entrepreneurs with a broad knowledge of sports activities in their area. Working with us, you will be able to see your event coming true in several venues simultaneously and homogeneously!

We manage all kinds of sporting events

Don't worry about anything, we take care of everything!



We organize all kinds of tournaments, leagues and competitions. Our goal as a sporting events company is to guarantee that the user feels like a star, thanks to an experience developed in every detail. In addition to this, we put the focus on the spectators by designing moments that capture their attention and create an atmosphere of celebration.
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In addition to sporting events, in which the user actively participates in sporting activity, there is another modality capable of falling in love and these are the exhibitions. We organize exhibitions of all kinds, with professional athletes and experts who manage to capture the attention of the spectator, impressing him/her and connecting him/her to you thanks to a special moment.


Racing is a classic type of event, known for its massive capacity and popularity. The possibilities of this type of event are endless since they can be done on foot, by bicycle, with skates... even with your dog!

It all depends on the theme we want to give it, in order to achieve a better fit with your type of client.

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Tailor-made events

We have sporting events of all kinds ready to be place, but the most important thing we have is our flexibility and ability to listen to you and act based on that. Tell us what exactly you need and we will take care of organizing the right event for you.


By masterclass we mean a sporting event in which the user receives a face-to-face class in certain sport disciplines from an expert. If to this, we also add a good media coverage from the expert, the dissemination and impact of our event will be even greater. The masterclass possibilities are various: Pilates, yoga, spinning... Fun experiences that have the possibility of bringing together a large number of users to enjoy their favorite sport together.

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