Kickoff Sportmadness 20-21

One ​​more year, the Sportmadness Community comes together to celebrate its well-known annual launch event or Kick Off. This year, digitally.

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Making it digital has been a challenge for everyone since, if the Kick Off is characterized by something, it is the warmth and closeness that is transmitted in person. Having achieved it via telematics has been an achievement that demonstrates the great connection that exists between all the entrepreneurs that make up the network.

todos sonriendo

Photo of one of the moments of the Kick Off 2020.

As in all Sportmadness Kick Offs, the opportunity was taken to take stock of the season that was ending and the strategy for the coming course was exposed. No one forgets the situation we are experiencing, but during the Kick Off session we learned that it is possible to create plans for the future in times of uncertainty and that it is also possible to live with it.

How was the 2020 - 2021 Kick Off?

1. Starting point

The Kick off session started with a clear message of thanks.

Alejandro García, CEO of Sportmadness thanked the entire Community and the central team for the effort, drive and motivation with which they have worked in recent months despite the situation. From the first moment, an important connectivity was felt that made the optimism and predisposition of all the franchisees to listen and participate in the talks.

Alejandro also took advantage of this first moment to get deep into several important concepts that will set the course for Sportmadness in the coming season and that will be key to success.

Alejandro solo



Alejandro García, CEO of Sportmadness during his introduction to Kick Off 20-21.

charla alez determinacion



One of the slides that explained a concept during Alejandro García's talk.

"We have not received any complaints, everything has been positive words. It is no coincidence that we have ended the pandemic being the same as we started it, zero casualties. Now we must continue working for the great opportunity that is opening"

Alejandro García

CEO of Sportmadness

2. Business sessions and sales


With a commercial aggressive approach There were talks on both strategy and sales and negotiation techniques.

This was not new for the franchisees since the headquarters have always tried to train and promote the commercial aspects of the franchisees, but, now even more so, the focus is on sales as it will be key to the success of the franchises in the coming months.




Guillermo Vázquez, director of operations, during his speech on commercial strategies.






José Miguel Alarcón, director of expansion, explains the concept of mindset in sales.

3. Industry experts

Another thing that is not new is that at Sportmadness we are continually analyzing the market and the professionals who stand out in different sectors. This year we have invited two people who are undoubtedly a reference in their sectors.

Alberto Fernandez, director of esports at Webedia made a practical intervention analyzing the situation and the power of technology to apply it to sport. But he did not stop there, after drawing us the context of everything that is experienced in large international companies, he told us how this translates to the day to day of small and medium sports management companies. Avalanche of ideas after his speech, as expected.


charla alberto

We also have Marcos Pérez Mesas, an astrophysicist by training and a financial advisor by profession, explained to us two concepts on how to deal with the situation we are experiencing in order to be agile, generate optionality and seek growth exponential in opportunities. Concepts taken from some books by Nassim Taleb applied in a simple and practical way that will certainly make a difference in today's companies.


Marcos Perez during his talk.

todos sonriendo



Round of questions with Marcos after his speech.



4. Group dynamics


Of course.

Sportmadness is today a 100% digital company (most of them work remotely) and this, among many other things, is due to our trust in technology that is well used for this purpose. A good way to put it to the test was by organizing a practical workshop, in groups and with a final exhibition.

The objective was to work on the ability to differentiate when designing a sports service following a method of creation that went through different phases, from the study of the competition, search for common points in the services of the competitors, possibilities of differentiation, buyer analysis, economic evaluations and sales strategy, among others.


Some slides explained the practical case from the Kick Off 2020

5.Sportmadness Awards

This great evening could not be closed in any other way than with some powerful Sportmadness Awards. The prizes that the headquarters gives each year to franchisees.



Franchise Award MVP 2020

Due to his predisposition, his human quality, his motivation and attitude, it went to...

Sportmadness Barcelona West

Ricard Boces y Mónica Perarnau

ruben cruzado web4

Best Project Award 2020

For having executed it with such quality, with enthusiasm and with a long-term focus, it went to...

Sportmadness Madrid South

Rubén Abad and all the team


Best franchise Award 2020

for the quality of the work, for the results, for its commercial strength went to

Sportmadness Cantabria

Guillermo Pedrajo

The next year we will be many more.

Bigger, stronger, better.

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