Millas Romanas

A historic trail through the heart of Mérida

salida millas romanas

The client

Sportmadness alongside with the Club de Senderismo Camino de la Plata signed an agreement in which the sports management franchise would organize the Millas Romanas trail for four years.

The aim of this agreement is to professionalize the management and organization of the trail, as well as to further expand the fame that the event enjoys in its hometown, Merida, and in the rest of Spain.

The LXVII Millas Romanas is a partial self-sufficiency trail that has been organised for years in Mérida and reflects some of the most beautiful and historic landscapes of the area.

The project

The LXVII Roman Miles is a race with a historical context: it refers to the distances covered during the Roman period in Mérida (Augusta Emerita) and its surrounding towns. The LXVII Roman Miles have two races; a race in which the distance to be covered is 100 km and another one in which the distance is 44 km. These kilometres are equivalent to the LXVII and XXX Roman miles of yore, respectively.

The LXVII Miles will be completed in a minimum time of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours, in a single stage and in a partial self-sufficiency regime. They will run in the most emblematic places in the territory, allowing participants to enjoy the incomparable scenery.

Another of the distinctive features of the event are the prizes: these are a replica of an ancient Roman milestone (signpost between the tracks) handmade in a workshop.

milla romanas sportmadness foto

The results

The LXVII Millas Romanas have acquired a considerable fame at a national level and have now reached XXIII editions.

The last edition was a great success and reached up to 1900 participants overall in both races, the LXVII and XXX Millas. 

More than 2,000 people gathered at the Aqueduct of Miracles in Mérida to celebrate the arrival of the participants and enjoy a festive atmosphere with music and food trucks.

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