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At Sportmadness we work every day to support dozens of entrepreneurs and companies around the world to offer the best sports events and academies.
And we do it in a 100% digital franchise model where each company, from its total independence, is part of a global Community and enjoys advantages that allow them to be more competitive at a local level and, therefore, achieve better results.

What is Sportmadness and who is it addressed to?

Sportmadness is a digital franchise that allows sports enthusiasts to start and run their own business dedicated to selling and organizing sports events and sports academies.

With a worldwide presence, Sportmadness aims to be the global leader in the field of amateur sport and to offer its customers and users the best sporting experiences.

Sportmadness is intended for entrepreneurs from all over the world with the desire and enthusiasm to make a living from sport and that want to turn their passion into their profession.

Franchise sportive Sportmadness

You will be able to organise services like these

Sportmadness franchisees organise  all kinds of sports events and manage sports schools. They have access to tools that allow them to offer more than 100 sports services based on processes where we seek excellence and the best experience for all users who participate.

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ruben cruzado web4

" With a lot of effort I have created a profession which I feel passionate about."

"I knew Sportmadness looking for a professional outlet which will change my life. I was tired of the sensation of not being working for myself. It wasn't easy, but with the help from the team at the Central, today I can say that I am happy with my sport business."

Rubén Abad - Sportmadness Madrid South Delegation


"With a lot of effort I have created a profession that I am passionate about "."

"I came across Sportmadness looking for a career opportunity that would transform my life. I was tired of the feeling that I wasn't working for myself. It has not been easy, but with the help of the Central team, today I can say that I am happy with my sports business"

Rubén Abad - Sportmadness Delegation Madrid South

" With Sportmadness I have achieved the autonomy I have always wanted "

"Having my own business had always been a goal to achieve in my life. Thanks to the know-how and tools provided by Sportmadness, I can now dedicate myself to what I love and manage it in a comfortable and flexible way."

David Palombo - Sportmadness Mexico City Delegation


"My life has changed. Now I am owner of my time."

«Sportmadness helped me to transform my passion, sport, in my business. Since the beginning, the team has supported and guided me in everything I needed. It wouldn't have been possible to achieve everything I have today without their support.»

Eduard Benlliure - Sportmadness Barcelona Delegation


"My life has changed. Now I am the master of my time"

«Sportmadness has helped me transform my passion, sport, into my business. From the beginning the whole team has been very supportive and guided me in everything I needed. It would have been impossible to achieve what I have achieved without their support.»

Eduard Benlliure - Sportmadness Barcelona Delegation

"I loved the Sportmadness model because of its diversity"

"I decided to go for Sportmadness because it could offered me multiple possibilities in my territory. Thanks to this I can offer quality services always keeping in mind what I like and what I want to dedicate my time to."
Joao Rodrigues - Sportmadness Lisbon Delegation

Live the change you dream of.

In this video you will learn the story of Rubén, one of our franchisees. You will see how he changed his life and turned his passion into a job he enjoys every day.

Where are we already located?

Sportmadness is a global company ready to support entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.



















What do Sportmadness franchises include?

We help you from different points to build a successful business in the sports sector.

Savoir faire Sportmadness

Know How

You will have at your disposal a step-by-step guide on how to sell and organise dozens of sports services in our two lines of business (events and academies) and you will be able to market our own services in your area.

Marque Sportmadness


Leverage on a leading brand, with a well cared for corporate image and respected around the world, that will help you generate more business. Also, we take care of the website, social networks, online positioning and provide you with dozens of marketing materials.

Technologie Sportmadness


We provide you with multiple technological tools that will allow you to manage your business in a very productive way and help you generate the best experience for your clients.

Conseil et soutien Sportmadness


From the first minute we will go hand in hand to guide you, supporting you with training, planning objectives and how to meet them step by step, as well as providing you with ideas and knowledge to make your business a success.

Which is the investment?

Everything you need to launch your business at an affordable price.

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