Sportmadness arrives in Chile with Latitud 90, the active tourism giant in Latin America

Sportmadness has reached an alliance with the Chilean company Latitud 90, the market leader in active tourism and education in the country, to join the Sportmadness Community as a franchise and offer quality sports services to all its customers through our two lines of business (events and academies).

sportmadness y latitud90

In this way, Sportmadness lands in the country and adds one more delegation in Latin America, one of the main focuses of expansion that we have as a challenge this year 2022.

Latitud 90 is the leading company in active tourism in Chile and one of the major players in the region. Based in Santiago de Chile, it works with educational centres, companies and public administrations, providing them with tourism and educational services.

It also has a line of corporate events. It is now opening a new line of business in the sports sector. In its team, we find great professionals made up of more than 70 collaborators and 80 guides.

As they themselves point out, Latitud 90 "was born out of the need of our own clients to live experiences, get to know new cultures, and to continue touring Chile and the world in groups".

They have been awarded the Avonni National Innovation Award, the most important honorary recognition in Chile, thanks to their commitment to offering their clients unique experiences.

From now on they will also be able to include sporting activities, as through this union Sportmadness will contribute all its knowledge in the planning of more than 100 sporting services that will allow the company to diversify its business and increase the value of its proposals.

"Sportmadness will bring us its experience, knowledge and support to develop and organize the best sports services for our clients" says Carolina Emhart, Managing Director of the Chilean company.

latitud90 eventos deportivos

On the other hand, Alejandro García, CEO of Sportmadness, points out that "we are very excited to be able to work with a reference company like Latitud 90 and we are sure that together we are going to transform the sports offer in Chile".

Sportmadness helps companies to launch a business of events and sports academies that serve public administrations, companies, and educational centres by organizing sports activities such as extracurricular activities, leagues or summer camps.

Would you like to turn your company into a Sportmadness franchise? Do you want to know how we can help you grow your business?

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