Sportmadness OPENS 5 nEW franCHISES

Sportmadness continues to expand with five new franchise openings

Four of them are located in Spain and one in Mexico City.

The Sportmadness sports events and academies franchise community continues to fulfill its expansion plans with the opening of five new franchises located in Spain and Mexico.

These new openings have taken place during the first month of the year and some of them are already operating by holding sporting events and tournaments. The new franchises are located in Spain (Madrid, Salamanca, Cadiz, and Pontevedra) and internationally (Mexico City). 

The new franchise in Madrid will be in the hands of the entrepreneur Guillermo Alonso, who is going to set up sports projects in the whole area north of Madrid. David Martín will be in charge of the franchise in Salamanca, which will also operate in Zamora. 

On the other hand, in Cadiz we find another franchisee who will offer sports services throughout the province as well as in Ceuta. Leonardo Brandao will be in charge of the Pontevedra branch. This last franchise is added to the already existing one in the Community of Galicia in Lugo. 

Finally, the new Mexican delegation of Sportmadness is led by David Palombo and is located in Mexico City. Palombo takes on the challenge of promoting sports experiences through the Sportmadness brand and has already organised the first paddle tennis tournament after only five weeks since its opening; which has been a great success and has sold out all the available places. 

Sportmadness franchises landed in Mexico a few months ago, opening its first delegation in Jalisco by the hand of Alejandro Maciel.

All of them join the Sportmadness Community with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to be able to offer quality sports services in amateur sports such as events, competitions, academies, campuses, and management of sports facilities.

Sportmadness already has entrepreneurs and sports enthusiasts in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, and Luxembourg. 

The opening of new franchises in these countries together with the existing ones has made the Sportmadness Community to be formed by more than 50 sports managers.

By 2022 Sportmadness expects to reach 100 franchises, of which 60 will be outside Spain. Its expansion plans are focused on several countries in Europe and Latin America. 

Sportmadness was born in 2012 from the passion of living from sport. In 2017 they launched their business model based on franchises. They have two business lines: sports events and academies. Our processes are characterised by constant support for franchisees to achieve success in all their activities and to realise diverse and innovative events within amateur sport.

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