Sportmadness 19-20 Kickoff

Sportmadness brings together the largest community of sports managers in the world in the 19-20 Kickoff.

Like every year, September is arriving and our "back to school" begins with our Sportmadness delegates from Spain and Peru. After a year full of great news, the start of the 19 / 20 season was guaranteed, at the very least, to be exciting. And so it was: the last 28 and 29 of September, More than 30 sports managers met again in our Sportmadness Kickoff III.

A community of sports managers connected, at the forefront of sport and technology. This is the main conclusion we could draw from this exciting event, where we mixed training sessions, team activities and news, in addition to the already famous gala of Sportmadness Awards.

"We love being able to live this moment with our franchisees, in which they become the main protagonist. We believe it is an enriching event for them, where they can learn from other delegations; while we get valuable feedback to improve our franchise model. It is a real pleasure to bring together during these days the team that we train among all members of Sportmadness between Spain and Peru."

Alejandro Garcia

Founder and CEO of Sportmadness

Alejandro Garcia, Founder and CEO of Sportmadness, in his speech at the Kickoff 19-20.

What happened in the Kickoff 19-20 of Sportmadness?

1. Training Sessions

Sessions in which the objective was to grow even more as a sports manager, as well as to improve vital skills such as first aid and sales.

Eduardo López and David Liz, franchisees of Pontevedra and Tarragona, in the training session of First Aid and Pulmonary Resuscitation taught by Dr. Julián Martín, from Training and Health.

Sales training applied to Sports Management, given by Guillermo Vázquez, Head of Business Development at Sportmadness.

2. Team activities

The Sportmadness Kickoff would not be complete without a team sport session. The participants were able to give their best in two events 7 soccer and beach volleyball.In addition, they were able to strengthen this team spirit with a pleasant evening in the Palace of the Infante don Luis in Boadilla, where they shared the challenges overcome in the 18-19 season. Finally, the whole team participated in an enriching Kenpo masterclass a martial art for self-defense, taught by the 5 time world champion Ángel Ruiz.

"I've been with my franchise for a few months now and I realize how important it is know the other delegations. To see that other sports managers like you are also living from sports, but doing things in a different way invites you to leave your comfort zone and try new things. It's motivating to start the season like this!"

David Liz

Sportmadness Delegate in  Tarragona

3. News from Sportmadness

In addition to the presentation of the Sportmadness strategy for this coming year, the most popular improvements and innovations were included among the services provided. In this area, the technology and also the product were the key areas. Undoubtedly, this part was a good advance of what the franchise will present to its delegations at the technological level throughout the 19-20 season, with the aim of improving the operation and management of sports services.

"In the end, each delegation is a different world, specialized in sports and specific services, from which the rest have a lot to learn. But we also like to see that there is a team, a strategy and a brand that unites us all."

Eduardo López

Sportmadness Delegate in Pontevedra

4. Sportmadness Awards

As is tradition, several awards were given to the Sportmadness delegations with the best numbers of last season. Despite all delegations deserving them, the winners were:

Arantxa Blanco - Sportmadness Navarra and La Rioja

David Arroyo and Jesús Lorca - Sportmadness Madrid Northwest

Andrés Calderón - Sportmadness Sevilla

"For me, sharing with other franchisees a project as exciting as the I Roller ½ Marathon Puentes de Tudela is an honour. I think this is the magic of this community, in which we add value to each other based on our daily projects. Hopefully we can repeat something nationally and connect it between several delegations."

Arantxa Blanco

Sportmadness Delegate in Navarra and La Rioja

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