Tiwa Challenge - UNAV

Obstacle race between universities and colleges


The client

The client, University of Navojoa (UNAV), belongs to the community of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Together with other universities and colleges in the Community, they offer private education to their disciples with great acceptance and recognition at the national level.


The EDUCAMP is an annual event that takes place in different regions of the country inviting the colleges and universities of the Community to participate in activities, coexistence, workshops and more during a multi-day camp.


In this edition, for the first time, 2 of the 3 sections of the country met to carry out the camp together, with them about 2,700 secondary and high school students from the Community gathered to participate for 3 days in workshops and activities.

The project

Among the activities, the TIWA challenge stood out, which UNAV developed inside the camp, inviting different groups of students (45 groups of 50 students) to participate and finish the challenge in the best possible time.


The obstacle course consisted of a route of approximately 1 km with 9 obstacles distributed in a zigzag pattern. The participants had to cover the circuit in the shortest time possible, accumulating a group time.


The average time taken by the groups was 13:30 minutes with a record of a group that did it in 8:40 minutes. In total there were 52 participating groups of 50 students each (some also with teachers taking the tour) and 2,600 finalists.


The results

The event featured 2,600 challenge finalists. It was the activity with the largest number of participants and the one that stood out the most within the camp thanks to the magnitude of the circuit and the challenge. There was also a DJ, hydration area, announcer and UNAV mascot bottarga.


Thanks to generating this experience, 3 new projects are forecast to be worked on jointly with UNAV in the future, giving recognition to the work of the organization.


The main objective was achieved, since the student community was satisfied with the result and later approached the UNAV stand to request information about their future university careers.

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