Sportmadness Internship Program

Build your future with us

At Sportmadness we work each day to make people successful.

We are a digital franchise that empowers sports lovers to become entrepreneurs and make a living selling and managing sports events and academies.

We take internships seriously. Don't worry!! It doesn’t mean that you are going to do boring stuff. It means that we try always to hire our teammates from our Intern Program. We’re going to keep this policy for the next years.

We work with the best universities and
business schools around the world

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What are we looking for?

Sports lover. You muuuust be an sport enthusiast to work at Sportmadness. We do not care if your sport is football, surf, cricket or running. The freakest the better.

Business oriented. We would love that you wake up thinking in the business and how to improve it and making an impact on it. Then you can check Instagram or have some cereals!

Elegible. We need you to have the possibility to establish an internship agreement with your university or business school. We will talk with them and do all the boring paperwork.

Excellent Writing and communications skills.  We are all day talking and writing to people so it is extremely important to help them understand us as best as possible.

Commitment. As we invest a lot of time, energy, and knowledge in you, we think we deserve a great commitment from your side. Let's build a great relationship for the long term!

Positions. You'll have the opportunity to work in areas such as marketing, business dev., sales, sponsorship, events...We need people ready to get out of their comfort zone to learn and grow!


" The Sportmadness intership was a unique experience "

«where I had the opportunity to work in the Marketing department and learn how to build the go to market for new countries.»

Christian, Germany - Marketing Internship


"So proud to be a part of this amazing team"

«I was extremely grateful for this opportunity, and for all the support I received from everybody. I learnt a lot and grew up professionally in the best environment possible .»

Carolina, Brazil - Sales Internship

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Studies: you must be enrolled in a university program or a sports management school.
  2. Languages: you must have Spanish as your mother tongue and be fluent in professional English.
  3. Time: you must be available to work 30 hours a week for 6 months. Working hours are flexible.
  4. Knowledge: you must be familiar with Social Media management.

What do we offer?

  1. Experience: you will learn a lot of different things in your role. Besides, we have a marvelous working environment!
  2. Remote: as we are a 100% remote company, your internship can be located wherever you want in Spain!
  3. Paid: we will pay you a monthly compensation for your work.
  4. What happens next?: nowadays 50% of the Sportmadness HQ team were interns.

No positions are open at the moment.

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