4x4: we opened 4 franchises in 4 weeks

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As well as the well-known opening of Montevideo (Uruguay), we announce the addition of León, Asturias and the Balearic Islands.

An incredible end of the year! Joining the network of Sportmadness franchises are the delegations of Asturias, led by the team composed of Grétel Burguet and Belén Garzón; Leon, With the help of Ricardo Melón, and Balearics, which will be directed by Carlos Matemales and Antonio Sastre. In addition to these 3 Spanish delegations, we have the already known Opening of Montevideo, Uruguay , with Diego Perrone at the head. We are now ready to start 2020 with an even more internationally consolidated Sportmadness community with the incorporation of top-level sports professionals.

From left to right, Carlos Matemales, Diego Perrone, Grétel Burguet, Belén Garzón and Ricardo Melón.

Sports managers with great potential in the sector

In addition to the experience of Diego, our delegate in Montevideo, in the management and coordination of sports clubs, we have found even more profiles with great potential for the network as a whole:

Grétel and Belén, in charge of the Asturian delegation , fit perfectly with the sports manager profile that characterizes Sportmadness. Their extensive training and experience in the management of large projects and multidisciplinary teams make this delegation a promising organiser of large events and other large-scale sports projects.

Ricardo, delegate of Leon, is very passionate about football having had direct involvement as a coach. Specifically, this accumulates up to XNUMX years working in the coordination of football teams. In addition to this, Ricardo has participated in the organization of competitions and tournaments. Without a doubt, Ricardo will have a lot of success with both the management of sports schools and the organization of sporting events.

torneo hero padel

Carlos and his partner Antonio, operates in the Balearic Islands, making up a franchise with extensive experience in team management. This, combined with his passion for high performance races and competition, make this delegation a strong candidate for the organization of authentic sports experiences. Also noteworthy is his experience in the hotel sector, where they are planning to create sports experiences that add value to the growing tourism industry on the Islands.

Accompanied by a record end to the year

Alongside these promising additions, it has been a very positive end of the year for our network of sports entrepreneurs. In addition to the incorporation of Mexico to the list of delegations in October, we have had a very successful few months in terms of business:


Smugglers Race

A very special mountain trail, held in Urdax with the organization and management of our delegate from Navarra and La Rioja, Arantxa Blanco.


Grand Pink Run 2019

Race and solidarity march organized by David Almeida, our delegate from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, for the second consecutive year.


Viesgo Night Race

Solidarity night race organized in Lugo by our delegate in Cantabria, Guillermo Pedrajo. Coming soon in Santander.

Meanwhile, our new franchisees are in the central offices of Madrid finishing their initial training, with the aim of starting to generate their first sports services in the coming weeks. Knowledge of technological tools, management processes, product, marketing ... everything you need to run a sports business from the first minute.

We wish you all good luck on your start! Welcome to the team.

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