Beach Tennis Tournament

A challenging tournament for beach tennis enthusiasts

beach tennis porto alegre

The client

This event was aimed at adult beach tennis players in Porto Alegre, Brazil, ranging from beginners to intermediate levels.


Its mission was to leverage the popularity of Beach Tennis in the region to create a series of tournaments that would be challenging for players and provide a healthy competitive environment.

The project

Sportmadness embarked on an ambitious project to organize the company's first two beach tennis tournaments. Nine categories were established, including beginner and intermediate modalities, with a total of 115 players participating. Finally, a location with eight covered courts was chosen to facilitate multiple simultaneous matches.


During the event, services were offered to enhance the quality of the experience, such as the availability of a physiotherapist, the provision of fruits and water, the presence of sponsors, and local brands with stands. In the second tournament, Starvie, one of the sponsors, provided an additional experience by offering an on-court activation that allowed players to try out their latest products.


Additionally, the event stood out for providing players with welcome kits, exciting prize draws, and trophies for the finalists in each category. On the other hand, the registration process was simplified through a user-centered website that streamlined this process.

beach tennis brazil

The results

The event atmosphere was characterized by being friendly and focused on healthy competition. The level of customer satisfaction was outstanding, so more editions of this tournament will be held.


Sponsors Balões Pic Pic and Starvie played an essential role in the overall success of the event. This sports event not only stood out as a beach tennis tournament but also became a memorable experience that brought the player community together and left a very positive impression on all participants.

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