Who are the clients of Sportmadness franchisees?

Having a clear idea of who your customer is is essential to the successful operation of your business. At Sportmadness, not only do we know who our customers are, but we have hundreds of success stories where we've worked with all kinds of customers.  

At Sportmadness, we don't have just one end client, our sports services can be offered to all types of organizations and businesses, as we will see in this article.   

If you already start from a base where you know in detail who your target audience is, you are well ahead of the game. This helps you to better understand the problems they face, the desires that drive their actions and even the services they expect in the future. It also allows you to define the presentation of proposals and make strategic decisions, such as how to write messages to attract them in the most effective way.  

In addition, one of the advantages of being a Sportmadness franchisee is that we deliver everything ready to sell. We have a portfolio of over 100 sports activities that can be tailored to each project or customer's needs. 

clients of Sportmadness franchisees

Types of clients of Sportmadness franchisees  

Let's take a look at the types of clients that Sportmadness franchisees work with. We offer them different sports projects: from the organization of a race to the management of sports classes.   

  • End user: the term "end user" refers to consumers like each of us who attend sporting events. In our case, it could be a person who participates in a padel tournament or a race. At Sportmadness, we have worked with over 100,000 end users who have participated in various events organized by our franchisees.            
  • Companies: Companies also often request the services of Sportmadness, as it is always good to associate the values of sport with a brand or an entity. We also offer team-building activities related to sports, which allows companies to offer leisure and entertainment days to their employees.   
services companies sportmadness
  • Public Administrations: Public administrations, from ministries to local companies and other public entities, regularly acquire sports services of various kinds. Examples of activities undertaken by a government include: the management of social welfare programs, including the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, sports activities in municipal schools, the maintenance of sports facilities, or sporting events in which anyone can participate.  Popular races are a clear example.                                              
  • Clubs and federations: Sportmadness franchisees also work with clubs and federations with whom they collaborate in the organization of a specific activity or provide recurrent services to offer the sports activity that the club or federation wishes to offer to its users.                                            
  • NGOs and associations: we collaborate with non-profit organizations and associations that support important causes for the population by organizing sports events that raise funds and awareness of their mission.   
ngo services sportmadness
  • Schools and Universities: We collaborate with universities, public, private and state-funded educational centers to develop their extracurricular activities through a wide range of sports, recreational and educational activities. Sportmadness franchisees manage the organization of these activities, which includes recruiting staff, finding materials, managing registrations, etc.   

As mentioned above, we have dozens of proposals ready to be sold to the different types of clients we have. At any given time, you'll be guided on the business side of things so you know exactly who to sell to, how to reach your customers, and how to close deals.  

Everything is ready to be released and promoted, all you have to do is decide to take the plunge and join the Sportmadness Community, we are waiting for you! 

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