Entrepreneur, why Sportmadness is the place for you?

Henry Ford said, "Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success".

And few phrases can better describe what Sportmadness is all about.

In 2016 we saw that what we were doing made sense. We have been trying for several years to professionalize the amateur sports sector and offer the best experiences to our clients. The model worked, and we started thinking about how we could grow.

We analyzed hundreds (literally hundreds) of business models, looked at thousands of companies to learn from, and came up with the franchise model. And in 2017 we jumped into the pool.

What we liked most about the model was that it allowed us to create a real community of entrepreneurs like us all over the world who wanted to professionalize sports in their areas and share experiences and knowledge with each other.

And here we are several years later.

Thanks to the efforts of dozens of people, we have consolidated around Sportmadness a platform that entrepreneurs from all over the world can join to continue sharing this purpose.

And speaking of purpose, the purpose of Sportmadness has been clear to us from the beginning; to make people successful. During this journey, we have learned that success is something very personal and that for each person it means different things. All of them are perfectly valid.

To achieve this success we have to work together. Because yes, together we are stronger. It is not a slogan or a cliché. It is reality. Even working together does not guarantee success, but we do have the certainty that we increase our chances of achieving it.

Why are we more likely to succeed if we make the journey together?

✅ Joining forces allows us to be bigger. And that means more talent, more projects, more clients, more resources... In short, economies of scale allow us to be more efficient and increase the profits of each entrepreneur.

✅ The credibility of a great brand, driven by dozens of entrepreneurs, cared for by the Head Office and with an increasing impact on the market, becomes a tool for each entrepreneur to generate more business at a local level.

✅ Follow the processes established in the best practices that are applied in other places by entrepreneurs of the Community, to replicate them locally and ensure quality in the experience of customers and end users.

✅ Working together with people like you, who are part of the Sportmadness Community, will allow you to offer services to your clients in other areas and to the clients of the other entrepreneurs in your area. Moreover, if you develop innovative services, you will have a distribution network to reach further with them. It will also allow you to learn from dozens of people with the same concerns as you but with different training and professional experience. Diversity is a fundamental value for growth.

✅ If we join forces, we can specialize in different areas. You don't have to do everything as an entrepreneur (a widespread mistake) but you can leverage something that already exists, that is well-built and that is constantly improving. Developing technology, positioning a brand, or establishing the right strategy requires specialization and a high level of technical knowledge.

By relying on a team you can achieve greater impact in a very efficient way. We have a major challenge ahead of us to build the world leader in sport management and to achieve it we need people who share our values and want to transform sports. If that's you, Sportmadness is the place for you.

Alejandro García Founder & CEO Sportmadness

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