What types of sporting events can you organize as a Sportmadness franchisee?

Sportmadness franchisees can sell and manage dozens of sports services based on two areas of activity: sports events and sports academies 

sporting events you can organize as a Sportmadness franchisee

Sport Events  

Sport events are activities that involve individuals or teams in a specific sport. These events can be organized at the amateur or professional level, and their size and scope can range from small local activities to large international championships.   

Sporting events are an important part of many cultures and can generate great interest and passion among fans and athletes. In addition to providing entertainment and excitement, sporting events can also have a significant economic and social impact on the communities that host them.  

Sportmadness franchisees organize all types of sporting events. We work with dozens of sports in a variety of competition formats.  

The most popular sporting events in the world vary from country to country and region to region. In the case of Sportmadness franchisees, they are dedicated to the professional management of sports events in the amateur sports environment, among which stand out:  

  • Padel and tennis tournaments  
  • Championships and leagues of soccer and other team sports.  
  • Running and cycling races, both in urban and natural areas.  
  • Duathlon, triathlon and other combined events   
  • Obstacle courses  
  • Corporate sports events  
  • Basketball and 3x3 tournaments  
  • Mountain bike, trail and night races  
  • Calisthenics and street sports (parkour, skateboarding and other urban sports)  
  • Speed skating events  
  • Team building for companies  
  • And many more  

For the successful realization of these events, we always count on the support of the central team. The profit on turnover is, on average, 30% in addition to the amounts obtained from sponsors and partners. 

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Sports Academies 

Sports academies are training programs in particular sports, such as soccer, basketball, or tennis.  

Participants in sports academies attend sports classes and training sessions several times a week and may have the opportunity to compete in sports at the amateur level. In addition to improving their athletic skills, participants can also develop important values such as teamwork, discipline, and determination.  

At Sportmadness, we offer different types of sports academies with a fully process-based service where we strive to achieve excellence and the best experience for all users who participate.  

Here are some examples of services developed in this business area:       

  • Sports academies for children  
  • Sports academies for adults  
  • Technification academies 
  • Sports activities for seniors  
  • Academies and multi-sport courses  
  • Extracurricular activities  
  • Summer Camps  
  • Technification Camps  
  • Multi-sport camps  
  • Leisure and free time camps    

In this case, the operating margin is about 20% in sports academies and 25% on the turnover of summer camps.   

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As the popularity of amateur competitions continues to grow and more and more people become aware of the importance of having an active live, the sports events sector is likely to continue to grow and evolve in the future. 

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