Extracurricular activities for schools

Nowadays, all educational institutions, whether public or private, offer a catalogue of extracurricular activities for all their students to develop other skills after school hours.

In this article we are going to talk about all the information related to extracurricular activities for elementary schools, why they are important to offer, and the contribution they can give to both students and families.

As well as which companies can help us developing them and the growing demand for extracurricular sport activities that has been driven by the need to promote healthy habits among the youngest.

Extracurricular activities

Meaning of extracurricular activities

We consider extracurricular activities to all those activities carried out by an educational center and helded after school hours, of a voluntary nature and focused exclusively for students from the same school.

These activities are focused both on expanding or consolidating the knowledge given in traditional classes (private math classes, compulsory languages...) and other types of activities aimed to promote various aspects of educational training (other languages, music, sports...).

In addition, we can consider extracurricular activities, whether of a didactic, cultural, or recreational nature, all those carried out inside or outside the educational institution, with the participation of students, teachers, and parents, organized by the educational community.

Importance of extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities for elementary schools aim to promote the comprehensive education for students. In this way, activities that are a stimulating challenge for them are proposed and can discover and enhance their abilities, talents, and skills.

extracurricular activities for children

Some of the benefits of extracurricular activities are:

  • Increase school performance. Improvement in the achievement of academic learning and skills for life.
  • Improvements in reading and math skills.
  • Health benefits in the practice of sports activities.
  • More positive attitude toward the school or center and a greater feeling of belonging
  • Increase social skills.
  • Increase psycho-emotional skills.
  • Learning to manage emotions, stress, frustration, empathy...
  • Increase in post-compulsory training expectations

Definitely, extracurricular activities help children and young people to develop their ingenuity and promote new values ​​through physical sports, and intellectual or creative activities.

Examples of extracurricular activities

According to current trends, we can divide extracurricular activities into four large blocks.

1. Extracurricular sports activities

In recent years, the importance of sports activities has been growing among the educational community, since promoting active values ​​and fighting against a sedentary lifestyle in the youngest has become a health issue.

Within this block we find any sports initiation activity to motivate boys and girls to practice physical activities and lay the foundations of their motor and psychomotor qualities, in addition, they help them to know the different sports through the acquisition of specific skills

Some of the most popular are soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, swimming, or summer camps, where sports games and activities are held.

extracurricular activities for elementary school children
football extracurricular activities

2. Extracurricular language activities

In this case, learning a new language is very important to function in a globalized society.

Therefore, these types of activities are still in high demand among parents. Some of the most popular languages ​​for learning are English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.

3. Extracurricular artistic activities

Here you will find any activity related to the development of artistic skills such as music, singing, theater, dance, magic, or literature.

4. Educational extracurricular activities

They develop knowledge and acquire new skills through extracurricular activities related to science and nature, journalism, cooking, robotics, computer science, video game design, study techniques, entrepreneurship, or emotional intelligence.

How to organize extracurricular activities for schools?

Extracurricular activities for elementary school can be organized internally or externally, that is, they can be organized from the educational center itself with a person in charge of designing the different types of activities that are going to be offered, looking for the monitors, preparing the facilities and all the necessary material.

On the other hand, you can hire an external company specialized in organizing these types of activities. Companies like Sportmadness can help you organize these extracurricular activities and include a wide offer in your educational institution, specifically those related to sports.

In this way, everything will be under control, from the necessary material, insurance of the participants, qualified monitors, and well-organized activities.

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