Fitness Marathon - Castilla School

An event prepared for young people to get active and learn new disciplines.

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The client

For several years now, the increase in sedentary lifestyles and obesity among young people has been a cause for concern worldwide. Experts speak of a rise of more than 15% in the last 10 years over the total world population. In Spain, almost 40% of young people suffer from childhood obesity and 3 out of 10 children have abdominal obesity. Taking into account these data, the Sportmadness Madrid Sur franchise sought to encourage physical activity in schools, promoting sport through innovative activities for teenagers. The project was presented to the Castilla School of the Community of Madrid, which from its direction, did not hesitate to carry out the project after a tough 2020 in which the pandemic intensified the problems of sedentary lifestyles.

The project

After an initial contact with the school, the Madrid Sur franchise began to organise the project in order to carry it out with guarantees. The event was held during the last days of the school year with the students of 1st and 2nd years of ESO (Year 8 and Year 9), to close the school year in a different way. It lasted approximately 2 hours and during this time 6 stations were set up with a different activity in each one of them. Among all the activities, the most outstanding and novel was spinning, as many of the children had never been able to practice this activity before. Each activity lasted between 20-30 minutes per group, after which a previously established rotation took place. For the change of activity, 5 minutes were established so that all the children could attend at the established times.

The results

An unprecedented event that kept more than 100 pupils between 12 and 14 years old from Castilla School active for more than two hours. The school management was highly satisfied with the event and the way it was organised. The participants in the fitness marathon were able to discover and participate in new sports and are looking forward to repeating the experience next year. Thanks to the good experience in this event and other activities organised by Sportmadness Madrid Sur, the school counts on the company for all the sports activities that are organised nowadays in the school. There is nothing better to measure the satisfaction of our clients than a full management of their entire sports department.

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