Training champions: football camp for children

The dream of every little footballer! Going to a football camp for children during the vacation period.

football camps for kids

That is why we are happy to present the Sportmadness football camp for children, a space where the passion for sport merges with fun and learning

What are the Sportmadness football camps for kids like?

Designed to provide a unique experience for young football enthusiasts, this camp stands as the perfect setting for young talents to develop their football skills and dreams.

With a team of expert coaches and a motivating environment, Sportmadness positions itself as the ideal place for those who yearn to become true champions on and off the field.

Sportmadness football camps consist of a training and coexistence program designed for youth and children interested in football. These camps are held during specific periods, usually during the summer or winter holidays, and can last from a few days to several weeks.

The main objective of a football camp is to improve the football skills of the participants while enjoying a fun and healthy experience. These camps are usually organized by sports clubs, football academies, schools, associations, or even public institutions such as town halls or councils.

football summer camps for kids
What are the Sportmadness football camps for kids like

Characteristics and activities of a football camp

Here are some of the typical features and activities that can be found at a football camp:

1. Technical and tactical training ⚽: Participants receive coaching from football experts who help them improve their passing, shooting, dribbling, defending, and other essential skills. They are also taught tactical concepts, such as game strategies, position on the field, and team coordination.

2. Matches and competitions 🥅: The camps usually include friendly matches and competitions between the participants. These meetings allow them to put into practice what they have learned and develop their competitiveness in a healthy way.

3. Recreational activities 🤸‍♂️: In addition to training sessions, camps may offer recreational activities such as games, swimming, hiking, and other activities for participants to have fun and socialize off the field of play.

4. Talks and conferences 💡: In some cases, professional footballers, coaches, or people related to the world of football are invited to give motivational talks and share their experiences with the participants.

5. Coexistence and teamwork 🤝: The camps foster camaraderie, respect, and collaboration among the participants, helping them to forge lasting friendships and learn about the importance of teamwork.

6. Accommodation and feeding 🍎: In camps that last several days, participants usually stay in specific facilities for this, such as hostels or residences. Adequate food is also provided to ensure that the young athletes are well-nourished during their stay.

What resources should you take into account when preparing a football camp for children?



The coaches will make up the key element of the camp, the human factor being the most relevant in the execution of the service. Having professionals with experience, with consolidated degrees in football and with human qualities can be your best tool to make your campus a success. You will have to set up a group of coaches where there are different roles: coordinator, coach, monitor ...



It will be very important to have enough balls for the proper execution of the campus. In this aspect, depending on whether it is a generic or specific football camps for goalkeepers, you will need between 1 and 2 balls for each participant. But this is not all ... you will also have to adapt the type of ball according to the age groups of your participants.

Sports equipment

The basic support to configure activities and technical exercises. The options are very diverse, but the key will be to base yourself on the technical methodology that your coaches use to create the activities.

For our Campus Cup, sports equipment such as cones, pikes, rings and breastplates are essential.

Optional resources to prepare a football camp

When preparing a football camp for children, you must decide which resources are key and which are not for its development.

  • Kits 👕: Possibly the most commonly used optional resource on a. It is a very widespread element on all sports campuses and highly valued by parents and children. Even so, this resource will lead to difficulties such as the configuration of the sizes, the availability of stock for all participants and even the units included with the registration. The truth is that, if you do not include this resource, the inconveniences will be greater than if you include it.
  • Awards 🏅: it will be an incentive for the involvement of students, even improving their experience throughout the entire campus. The expectation generated with this resource can be a good ally, in addition to being able to turn to local sponsors.
football camp activities
  • Food 🍏: either in the form of a picnic or catering. It can be a fundamental element depending on the format and intensity of the camp, in addition to the location and time in which it is held. The allergies of the participants, as well as the preparation and conservation of food can be a headache if it is not planned properly.
  • Excursions 🏃‍♂️: the longer the campus lasts, the more recommended it will be. It is a different activity with which to enhance student entertainment and improve the overall campus experience. It will be a key element to retain it for future editions.
  • Promotional and audiovisual material 📷: support resources to give visibility to the sponsors and create a lasting memory for the participants. The audiovisual material will be your best cover letter when repeating an edition, as well as in other campuses that you want to launch.

Organize your football camp with Sportmadness

With Sportmadness, you don't have to worry about any of the above. We have extensive experience organizing football camps for children and youth of all ages.

Discover how our innovative methodology and a wide range of exciting activities ensure that each boy and girl lives an unforgettable experience and takes with them valuable lessons for their personal and sporting growth.

Organize your football camp for children with Sportmadness!

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