How to increase brand awareness through sport

Nowadays brand awareness is becoming even more important due to the high competitors in the same sector.

In this article, we will take into consideration how to increase the brand awareness of your company through sports, particularly in amateur and popular sports.

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Ways to gain brand awareness through sport

The key to successfully enhancing brand awareness of your company through a sports event is to align your brand with the event in a way that makes sense for both your company and your target audience.

There are several ways to promote your company, and therefore to increase brand awareness, through a sports service in the amateur sector:

  • Sponsorship: You can sponsor already existing sports services such as a single event, a recurrent event either in one place or more places, a league, an academy, or a camp. This could include having your logo on the official merchandise of the event, in the marketing materials, and in specific brand awareness activations before, during, or after the service.
  • Product placement: You can place your product in the sports activity, such as having your product used by the participants, either giving it away as prizes for the winner or in a welcome pack for all the participants or having it visible in the background of the event.
  • Partnership: You could directly organize a sports service, such as a race, a tournament, or an exhibition, aligned with the value, mission, and vision of your company, to gain brand awareness among your target customers. This option represents the most tailor-made one and you could rely on a company that provides those sports services for you.

How the brand awareness of a company can benefit from sport

Promoting a company through a sports event has the objective to improve and grow brand awareness and it can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Reaching a larger audience
  • Positive brand association
  • Target specific groups of consumers
  • Connect the emotions generated by sport to the brand
  • Long-term impact

Overall, choosing a sports event to increase the brand awareness of a company, it can be a highly effective way to reach a large audience and create a positive association with your brand, which can help increase visibility and reach the target audience.

Ways to gain brand awareness through sport

Which sport services choose to increase brand awareness

There are several sport services that a company can rely on to increase brand awareness:

  • Sports tournaments: Companies can organize sports tournaments for employees, customers, or the general public. This can be a great way to create excitement and generate buzz around the brand.
  • Sports camps: Companies can organize sports camps for kids or adults, where participants can learn new skills and techniques in a specific sport. This can be a great way to connect with families and build positive associations with your brand.
  • Sports events: Companies can organize mass sports events or niche sports events, such as a marathon, cycling, speedskating race, triathlon, trail and ultra-trail, 5k and 10k races. This will boost the chance to increase brand awareness to a new public and to potential customers and re-affirm the brand among the customers.
  • Sports charity events: Companies can organize sports charity events, such as a charity walk, run or cycling event, to raise money for a good cause and generate positive publicity for the brand.
brand awareness through sport

How Sportmadness can boost the brand awareness of your company

In Sportmadness we know the importance of brand awareness for a company and how sports can be the means to increase it.

Not every sport service can be the right fit for your company, therefore we will first listen what are the pillars of the company, the achievements, the objectives, the plans for the future and then evaluate different solutions to reach the final goal of increasing brand awareness overall.

This is what we have done for our client in Peru, Ecologics, a company with a specific mission: fight for environmental sustainability.

The event, designed and realized specifically for them, allowed them to grow their brand awareness among the participants itself and the Peruvian citizens.

The company was positively impacted by the sports event, with the online community gathered for the occasion, numerous appearances in the press, TV, and radio, and the attendance of public institutions at the event such as the Minister of Environment and the Major, among others.


Would you also like to increase your brand awareness through sport?


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