How to start and run a sports camp: 5 keys

Knowing how to run a camp implies completing some fundamental steps for its success.

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Keys to start running a sucessful camp

Are you part of a public body, an educational center or a sports club, and are you thinking of launching a camp for your users?

So, you should keep in mind the following keys on how to run a camp successfully.

1 Camp objectives

Like any other service, your camp must pursue one purpose:

  • You can have the objective of making your users loyal for the coming seasons.
  • Your objective can be economic, trying to generate business in a period of low activity in the rest of your services.
  • You can also take the opportunity to make yourself known in your area, with a goal of attracting new users.

2 Type of camp

Find out which camp your users want. Depending on your main activity, will demand more of your sports campus with technification in a specific sport, or they will tend towards an educational camp.

We recommend you include the sports component, combining it with other recreational or educational activities. Surely, to know how to run a camp, it will be useful to know what are the most popular extracurricular activities.

3 Period and duration of the camp

Summer, Christmas, Easter… think about those vacation periods at the school level in which parents need to “place their children'' while they work. You are definitely the solution to their problem reconciliation.

4 Daily management of the camp

Without a doubt, the part that can generate the most “headaches” for you. From the management of personnel and resources, to the organization of activities for each age group, coordination with those responsible for the facilities and communication with parents. This important process may be the key to turning your camp into a success or failure.

For this reason, we recommend that you trust a sports management company, which is in charge of carrying out your camp without having to dedicate extra resources to it. At the same time, it is a way to ensure the quality of the service.

5 Safety measures

School safety is an essential requirement when considering how to run a camp. Without a doubt, this element continues to be one of the priorities of parents. We recommend that you follow a risk prevention plan, hiring accident insurance and controlling the assistance of your users.

Organise your camp!

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