Management of sports facilities

We carry out Management of sports facilities

We design and organize sports activities. Also, we manage sports facilities using our exclusive and proprietary work methods, certified and endorsed by our clients.

1. Methodology

  • Technical Training. It is designed entirely by professionals in each sport. It is fully adapted, specifically, for each age group.
  • Project management. We carry out proven processes to execute our projects with the highest quality. Our certifications in ISO Quality and Project Management Professional guarantee us.
  • Security.We have the maximum coverage in our insurance. In addition, we use security protocols to ensure that we comply with all our legal obligations.
méthodologie de gestion des installations sportives

2. Technology

  • App Sportmadness management technology. An app that is used to effectively, quickly and intelligently manage any type of sports activity. It is a key tool in the day-to-day management of sports facilities.
  • Digital processes. From the registration processes to the dissemination of information itself. In addition, we digitize communication with users through our social networks. For this reason, we have an experienced technology and digital marketing team to optimize the customer experience to the maximum.
technologie de gestion des installations sportives

3. Reach

  • Global; we are represented in 32 delegations, in four different countries. Our global reach means that we can learn new methods of everyday sports facility management. In fact, our franchise model has largely enabled this global reach.
  • Equipment; As a sports management company, our focus is to have a specialized team. It is the reason why our delegates are sports entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge of the local market.
diffusion de la gestion des installations sportives

Management of sports facilities leads us to provide quality services.


We train young talents who, tomorrow, will take sport to the highest level. That is why we invest in a specialized team with training methods adapted to each maturing age. For this, knowledge and management of certain sports facilities is key to applying specific methodology.

Extracurricular activities

We invest in the sport of the future, working to improve it from the grassroots. For this reason, we have years of experience managing school facilities so that today we can carry out sports facilities consultancy.

Sports camps

We take care of the complete management of the sports campus. Specifically, from its design and promotion to commissioning and execution. Many of the sports facilities that we manage are ideal for promoting this type of service during the holiday season.

Let us manage your sports facilities!

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