Padel Tournament Amsterdam

Creating a safe and friendly environment for padel enthusiasts


The client

The main goal was to create a friendly tournament for padel players of all skill levels. We aimed to host a tournament tailored for beginners to intermediate players. This event was designed with these enthusiastic players in mind, creating an inclusive and exciting opportunity for them to engage with the sport.

The project

The tournament's goals were multifaceted: first, to foster a welcoming and secure space for passionate padel players; second, to immerse ourselves in the B2C landscape and the thriving padel scene of Amsterdam; and finally, to orchestrate a tournament that balanced competitiveness with a strong emphasis on camaraderie among participants.


Categories of participation: Everyone was welcome.


Registration included:
3 matches guaranteed + Semi-Final & Final.
Prize for the winning pair, adding an extra layer of excitement.
Healthy snacks, to ensure our participants stay energised.


The results

The tournament was a resounding success, having sold out. Its triumph was evident in the overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, highlighting the exceptional fair play and camaraderie showcased throughout. Attendees thoroughly relished the event, with numerous teams eager to partake in future Sportmadness-organized tournaments. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the NDSM Padel staff for their remarkable hospitality, which significantly contributed to the tournament's success.

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