Sport and Sustainability in your municipality

Building a sustainable environment through sport and citizen collaboration


The client

Every great project starts with a first success story. In the case of Sportmadness, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the company Ecologics in the Jogging for a purpose initiative that we co-organised for two editions in Lima, Peru. The challenge was to organise a race with the aim of creating three simple good habits in the citizens, such as not throwing rubbish away in public spaces, being encouraged to pick up the rubbish you find along the way and learning to separate and recycle waste in order to keep the city cleaner and free of pollution. On numerous occasions, we find that these types of local initiatives receive support in the form of subsidies, whether from the autonomous community or the state.

The project

From Sportmadness, we want to offer municipalities the possibility to continue rowing in the same direction, that of care and respect the environment. We are always committed to sport as a tool to raise awareness among the population about the importance of environmental sustainability. Therefore, we count on two different modalities for this project:

Project A:

  • Plogging race with the objective of creating three good and simple habits in citizens, such as not throwing rubbish away in public spaces or encouraging people to pick up rubbish.
  • Collaborative workshop whose objective is to raise awareness about the importance of recycling, proposing initiatives by neighbours.

Project B:

  • Photographic Rally through a route in a natural or urban environment with the help of a digital map in which a series of places to visit are highlighted.
  • A collaborative workshop that includes a photography competition and collaborative activities so that neighbours can propose how to improve sustainability in the municipality.

Additionally, we offer a communication plan, a digital platform for registrations, the participation of political representatives, and a digital gift to participants, among others.


The results

Through the launch of the Sport and Sustainability programme, we want to achieve two main challenges: to carry out sports services that show the importance of the environmental awareness and promote the citizen collaboration to propose initiatives to improve the environmental care of their municipalities.

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