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During the last two years, Sportmadness has collaborated with different agencies representing professional sportsmen and sportswomen to organise sports services to improve the personal branding of their sports professionals.

More than 20 sports professionals, including football players such as Vicente Guaita, Sergio Sánchez, Ander Capa, Dani Castellano and Miguel Ángel Moyá have chosen to count on us to organise their training camps, highlighting our digital processes, our operational execution and the care of their image throughout the service.

sports campus for professional athletes and agencies

Sports camps are one of the sports services with the most demand due to the fact that they are a great alternative for work and family balance during non-school periods.

However, the management of professional sports camps is not always the most appropriate. Among other aspects, it is common to find professional sports camps in which there is no good communication, the materials used are in poor condition, the coaches are not qualified or registered with the Social Security, and even cases in which the coach/user ratios required by the institutions are not met.

For all these reasons, there is a great margin for improvement and professionalisation of the service to be provided to users and parents.

What better way to improve the experience of these users than by bringing them closer to their idols?

For this reason, Sportmadness tries to offer sports solutions to the users through the presence of sports professionals in the camps.

We work with representation agencies, as they are the ones who are most interested in promoting the image of their clients (the sports professionals) and who manage everything related to the activities carried out by the these outside the competition.

Advantages of organising sports camps for sports professional:

  1. Improve their personal brand. Showing closeness, humanity and commitment to their followers, especially the youngest ones, on whom they can have a huge positive influence.
  2. Offering new possibilities for sponsorship activation. After all, this is a new service that can offer visibility and audience for a brand interested in a similar target audience.
  3. Expand the portfolio of services that the agency offers to its clients, with new alternatives that offer more presence and visibility.
  4. Bring sports professionals closer to institutional figures (city councils, provincial councils...) that can be very good contacts for their professional future.

Why do agencies choose to collaborate with Sportmadness?

Sports agencies aim to offer differential services to those they represent. With the growing concern for the care of the image of sports professionals, many of these are actually demanding to be able to participate in services that enhance their proximity to young people.

On the other hand, as a representation agency, there is concern that the use of the sportsperson's image does not comply with the necessary standards. In this sense, Sportmadness bets for the care of the brand. From the design of the corporate identity of the camp, to the registration page and the communications in Social Media... All these tasks will be replicated for each camp with an exhaustive care and constant communication with the agency.

Why are these services a success?

The main reason why these sports services are successful is because they combine covering a need with offering a differential product. The difficulty of balancing work and family life in summer is traditionally addressed with the services of sports camps, but these do not usually offer a differential experience, so users are not loyal and they constantly rotate.

Therefore, by offering professional sports camps that take care of the processes and that also add the presence of a sports professional, an improvement in the user experience is achieved and, therefore, differentiation and subsequently, loyalty as well as the enhancement of the sports professional's image.

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