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Sports camps have become a must for families in any town and an opportunity for sports clubs to gain the loyalty of their users and attract new clients. In Sportmadness, we are convinced of the value that we can provide with the management of these services.

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Camps are an opportunity for sports clubs to gain the loyalty of their users and attract new clients in times when their schools are not running. However, their operation differs from the daily activity of the season and that is why our sports management company  is convinced of the value that we can provide with the management of these services.

One of the key aspects is Marketing. As we have mentioned, one of the great benefits that camps can bring to a club is in attracting new students. The short duration and intensity will make the users get to know the new club, generating a closeness that will help them to continue enrolling during the school period later on.

Why is a sports camp a service to invest in?

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We focus on the training curriculum of the camp, without forgetting the fun. To guarantee effective training, we divide all our students according to their age and level, and we design a technical methodology adapted to the characteristics and needs of each group. A set of exercises that combine learning, safety and integration.

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We love working with children and we take their care very seriously: a balanced diet, sun protection, hydration guidelines, accident protocol... we take care of every detail to guarantee their safety and well-being.

We comply with all the labour and legal regulations required and the necessary insurance to guarantee the safety of the little ones.

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We trust in technology as a tool to improve the user experience. We know all the ins and outs of a camp and we get ahead of the game through good planning and meticulous control, taking care of those little details that make students feel like stars!

In addition to attracting new users, we know that the Sports Camps are also an ideal service for building the loyalty of families who already trust in the Club.

The possibility of offering an educational, healthy and fun alternative in times of school break is a huge help for families, helping them to reconcile their professional and family life.

At Sportmadness we are very aware of the importance of taking care of your student base and for this reason we always include an exclusive discount for children of the Club.

Sports camps, the best alternative for work-life balance in your town

Sports camps have become a must for families in any town, who see how with the arrival of the school holidays they need help to balance their professional and family life. They are also a great opportunity to promote sport among the youngest, as they offer the possibility of getting to know new sports and clubs in the area in shorter and more intense formats than the usual schools.

Despite all these advantages, its operation presents several challenges that, if not managed correctly, can deteriorate the experience of your neighbours. At Sportmadness we are experts in managing camps of all types, and we know how to achieve the perfect fit with your town.

technical football camp

Technical training camps

Specialised camps in a single sport and which are organised for students to learn more about it or to get started in it. These campuses are very common in football, basketball, tennis... to give continuity to schools that take up the whole season in these sports, or more innovative sports camps that aim to introduce these sports among the youngest students.

  • Short duration: 1-2 weeks
  • 1 sport
  • Technique + Fun
multisport camps

Multisports camps

Camps with a more recreational component, which aim to introduce various sports at a lower level of depth. They are ideal as a leisure and healthy alternative and for very young children. This type of camp usually also includes other activities to work on coordination or teamwork through workshops, games and trips.

  • Long duration: 4 weeks
  • A variety of sports
  • Introduction to sports + Fun

Despite this difference, there are several similarities between both types of sports camps for local councils.

At Sportmadness we take care of the integral management of the campus so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Find out how we work to make our camps a success

outils digitaux pour les camps sportifs

Digital tools

Provision of an App for the camp that allows us to manage the attendance of users, communicate with their parents, know the satisfaction rate of the same and visualise the calendar of activities. User registrations are managed automatically from a digital platform, allowing card payment.


Support in the necessary processes for the promotion and attraction of the maximum number of users:
  • Landing Page to show all the information about the camp to users.
  • Preparation of posters.
  • Design of communication plan.
  • Graphic report and aftermovie of the camp.
  • Generation of digital diplomas.
  • Advice for agreements with local businesses.
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professional management of sports camps

Operations management

Full management of the camp so that you don't have to worry about anything. We take care of:
  • Security and Covid-19 protocol.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • Employee contracts and payroll.
  • Correct treatment of data according to the Data Protection Act.
  • Adequacy of necessary materials.

As you have seen, the camps represent an excellent opportunity for Clubs, as long as they are carried out with an adequate process and fulfil the necessary requirements to offer a good experience.

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