Team Building Medtronic

Personal Defense Masterclass


The client

Medtronic, a globally renowned company in the field of medical equipment manufacturing, directed its focus toward its employees in Spain to undertake an inspiring project. With a global presence and an unwavering commitment to innovation in the medical industry, Medtronic aimed to promote collaboration, employee unity, increased productivity, and foster a positive work environment.

The project

To achieve these goals, Sportmadness organized a truly special Team Building event: a "Personal Defense Masterclass." This masterclass was conducted by a genuine expert in the field, Ángel Ruiz, a five-time world champion in Kenpo Karate.


Medtronic's employees had the opportunity to learn personal defense techniques from a true master in the field, which not only promoted practical skills but also strengthened team cohesion.


The results

The day proved to be a unique experience for Medtronic's employees. They not only had an exciting and different day alongside their co-workers but also had the chance to learn valuable personal defense techniques from a globally recognized expert.


This experience not only promoted teamwork and unity among the employees but also fostered higher productivity and a more positive work environment. Ultimately, Medtronic achieved its goal of building a stronger and more committed team through this unique Team Building initiative.

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