Tennis Ranking for Greeks - Luxembourg

A tennis ranking that fosters socialisation and integration through sport


The client

Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe with only 620,000 inhabitants, has one of the highest immigration rates in the world. In 2019, the percentage of immigration stood at 50.96% according to the data extracted by the UN. This represents a total of more than 300,000 inhabitants. Due to this high number of foreigners in the country, the Sportmadness Luxembourg franchise sought to promote sport and inclusion through a tennis ranking for Greek immigrants in Luxembourg. Thanks to the external collaboration of a management company that had already been working on the initiative for two years, Sportmadness Luxembourg was able to accept the challenge and ensure the professionalisation of the organisation of the event.

The project

After a first contact through the Facebook group, we proceeded with the registrations for the ranking, which currently has a total of 32 participants. Taking over the organisation of the ranking, the project optimised the organisation by providing the participants with a mixed format in which they could individually choose which participants they wanted to play with each week. In addition, time flexibility was encouraged, offering a wide variety of possibilities; along with socialisation as against competitiveness, as there is no final ranking of the participants. The ranking starts every year during the month of September and lasts approximately 9 months, stopping only during the summer months.

The results

A ranking for Greeks living in Luxembourg that increased the socialisation and active life of its participants. All the participants were very satisfied with the organisation of the ranking. Proof of this is that some have participated in more than one edition, seeing how each year it continues to evolve and become more professional in terms of management. The involvement of the Sportmadness Luxembourg franchise was very positively valued, which has allowed that from the 2021-2022 ranking it will take the leadership of the ranking to continue to grow. This is a great step forward for the professional sports management of our franchise, and undoubtedly a great sign of the good work done so far.

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