A new form of sports entrepreneurship

How does Sportmadness originate?

Since we created Sportmadness in 2012, we knew that our vision was different from the usual. We were convinced that technology, processes and improving the user experience were the keys to building a leading company within the amateur sports sector. The new form of sports entrepreneurship is here!

From there we started little by little. Very little by little. Without plans and experiencing first-hand a tough and unprofessionalized sector. The vision remained intact and we continued to be aware that in the long term and doing things well (providing value) we would achieve our goals.

To be a leading company globally we needed to grow. And we realized that we couldn't do it alone, that we needed a lot of support to achieve it. And this gave us a great opportunity; help thousands of people to fulfill their dream of starting a new sports venture and dedicate themselves professionally to their passion; the sport.

Kickoff Sportmadness 2018

Sportmadness community during the annual Kickoff.

To begin with, we did a search for similar concepts around the world and saw that there was nothing like what we had in mind. That was good and that was bad. It was good because it allowed us to be pioneers and it was bad because there was no mirror to look at ourselves. It also left doubts because no one had previously shown that a model like this would be successful.

From there we began to design our sports entrepreneurship model.

We were clear that the main objective was that other people could live from sports management and offer the best sports experiences to their end customers. And we knew first-hand what pain we had to cover to support our clients' success.

We thought carefully about what these people would need to be successful and the answers were many; technology, processes, innovative services, a powerful brand… Little by little we were (and continue) creating and improving the model. This continuous improvement is something that defines us and that we will never put aside.

Alejandro, passionate about sports dedicated to sports entrepreneurship.

Alejandro García Sportmadness

Alejandro García began his own path in the sector in 2012, through a small company of sports events and academies located in Las Rozas, Madrid, called Sportmadness. From that moment on, the business grew locally until realizing the viability of the model to be replicated in other parts of the world. It was then that Alejandro made the leap into what Sportmadness is today. A community of sports enthusiasts with a common element, the new sports entrepreneurship.

In February 2017 we considered that we were ready to launch a first version of our product and we were lucky that a few months later, in May 2017, two young sports enthusiasts trusted Sportmadness to start their new sports venture

With them, Beñat Lopetegi and Aratz Irigaray, we opened the first franchise. Sportmadness Guipúzcoa was a reality.

In just the first year we were able to open more than 25 delegations throughout Spain.

Our effort and the success of this business model have made it possible for us to currently work throughout Spain, Bolivia, Luxembourg and Mexico, while we are on our way to opening more delegations in the English, French and Italian markets.

Today, we can look back and see, with great joy, that they are having success with the Sportmadness model and that every day we are also able to offer them a better service and help so that their business keep growing.

Of course it hasn't been easy and it won't be. Is there anything in this life that has value and is easy? But we are not afraid of the task. We continue to keep the initial vision and enthusiasm alive and we are going to continue helping thousands of people to carry out their sports venture and grow their own sports management business. The more franchises we are, the more people we will reach and the closer we will be to fulfilling our mission; offer the best sports experiences.

Sports entrepreneurship with Sportmadness

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