Viesgo Cup

A family tournament to promote sports and its values from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective


The client

Viesgo is one the leading energy companies in Spain with more than 100 years of history generating and distributing electricity in a sustainable and efficient way. It currently owns two facilities in the province of Cadiz and is very committed to their local population. Through sport, Viesgo wanted to give in return to their community a valuable experience by organising a sport service that would bring together workers and local residents in a celebratory atmosphere.

The project

Taking into account the passion for football in this area, it was decided to organise a 7-a-side football tournament that would bring together children, creating a family and bonding atmosphere, with teams from all the neighbouring villages. The involvement of the workers was encouraged, who provided facilities and supported the organisation of the event, contributing their part to the celebration. The management of Sportmadness made it possible to achieve success in attracting teams and raising awareness of the project, creating a promotional website for the event, as well as a focused execution in a single weekend that made it possible to create an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.
copa viesgo

The results

A province that acknowledges Viesgo's involvement in the region. The impact of the tournament was exceptional, with multiple appearances in the press, radio and television, which added to the engagement of social networks impacted an audience of more than one million people. The advertising value of this impact was a perfect opportunity for Viesgo to reinforce its brand awareness through unique content. In addition, the promotion of sport in the town of Los Barrios, and especially among the families of its employees, helps Viesgo in its purpose of taking care of its employees. More than 300 children enjoyed a weekend in which they were real stars.

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