Virtual Races

Combining sport and technology

Alternative safe and fun to enjoy the  benfits of popular races in an environment 100% safe from Covid-19.




App virtual

The participants will have a mobile app of the race which will work before, during and after the event. A tool which allows designing/configuring the itinerary of the race and updating the runners classification in real time.



The circuit will be ran by the participants in a safe and individual way along the municipality, creating that special energy which characterizes the traditional popular races, ensuring a responsible flow of people all the time.

Social and safe


Being conscious of maintaining the security distance, but assuring the participation of your neighbours. Promoting the participation of local commerce and betting for sport to be an economical power.



Designing the itinerary and visual elements

Keeping the in-person experience...

The races will be design for all the public (including children) with a an attractive itinerary as the traditional popular races have. These virtual races can be developed in different distances (5km, 7km, 10km...) offering the possibility of adapting the itinerary for each of them, with different scenarios (as the Christmas one) and according to each municipality in particular. All of it, offering the possibility of collaborating with the city hall and local running clubs to elaborate together the design of the circuit.

Besides, in the circuit two archs will be added (starting/finishing) as well as safety signing along the circuit and other types of visual elements that will help to create an event with the in-person experience from the popular races.

Registration and digital numbers

Simple and intuitive...

We will use an online registration platform with an informative page of the service which allows the users to register in the event. All of this, allowing the user to choose his or her favourite moment to participate in the race.

Once they are registered in the race, the participants will receive a
digital number so they can access the platform. The users will be able to visualize the itinerary of the circuit in the app of the event in real time to help them plan their training sessions.

regalos sm

Event's execution

A unique experience...

Once the runner has made his or her registration and selected the time (weeks/days/hours) where he or she wants to participate, the participant will be able to dress and participate at any time.

So confortable that the person will have to access the app, click in"start race" and enjoy the circuit. After that, the user will be able to see the updated classification of the race, obtain his or her medal in digital format and share it on social media.

Our proposal are virtual races which prizes and raffles are reinvested in the own municipality. For that, we select local businesses with the municipality and include products and services from these businesses.

An excellent way of enjoying a sports experience and being able to participate in the support and boost of the local economy.

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