Why is the Sportmadness franchise model so affordable?

One of the things we love the most about our work is the joy we get by helping dozens of entrepreneurs like us, all over the world, create their business in the sports sector every day. Working with people who share our passion and values is, without a doubt, a reason to feel privileged.  

That's why, from the beginning, we wanted to make the Sportmadness model affordable for all entrepreneurs who share our passion and values and who really want to create a serious business in this exciting sports industry 

Why is the Sportmadness franchise model so affordable?

The design of the Sportmadness model, based on a franchise, allows us to distribute the high total cost of brand building and operations that we currently have among many smaller entities. These are the economies of scale, and one of the keys to the success of the franchise model. The more franchisees, the better the value proposition and the better the return for each franchisee.  

The big franchises we all know have invested billions in building what they are now and they divide that cost among the thousands of franchisees they have. It's a win-win system where franchisees can benefit from a successful model that allows them to generate a great return. And it's a virtuous circle that, if they keep feeding it, will make them bigger and bigger. Have you ever heard the expression "the rich get richer”? 

In addition to the design of the business model itself, from the beginning, we wanted to reduce or at least control the risk involved in entrepreneurship. Normally, people have to invest thousands and thousands of euros to start a business. Imagine starting a restaurant, a gym, or a store. At least 80,000 euros are spent on the start-up. The risk that your business will not work is very high and the weight you carry with this amount can weigh you down for many years.   

The fact that the investment required in Sportmadness is so low, if anything goes wrong, it won't weigh you down for life and if all goes well, it will generate incredible business with minimal risk. And we also warn you that we will work tirelessly to achieve this.  

You may ask yourself that if the initial investment is not a barrier to entry, why is the service not free?  

Sportmadness es tan asequible

Can you think of great things in life that are free?  

Literally free.   


First of all, human beings are not designed to appreciate what is free. We don't value it. We appreciate things if they have a price, a cost. If you buy a designer handbag and you get it for free, you will be very happy to have it, but you will not value it as much as if you had to spend 1,000 euros to get it. And if you lose it, you will be much more upset if you paid for it. Therefore, you will take better care of it if you pay for it.  

When you make an investment, no matter how small, your commitment to it increases. That commitment is essential to making your business work. And commitment is what creates focus, and it's one of the attributes that all of our successful franchisees share.  

In addition to showing your interest by investing your savings in our franchise, the simple fact of acquiring them or knowing how to obtain them to dedicate to your business, allows us to see a part of your capabilities. This is a virtue that will help you in the daily management of your business in the future and make it work. For us, the most important thing is to build successful franchises, and this is how we are setting the right foundation to achieve our objective. 

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