Why you shouldn’t study a Master’s in Sports Management

If you've come across this article, it's likely that you're seeking information about Masters in Sports Management.

However, this headline might not align with the information you were expecting to find. Well, here at Sportmadness, we have an alternative that might interest you even more than simply studying sports management.

We challenge you to consider the following: Is pursuing a Master's in Sports Management a springboard or an obstacle for my career?


  1. The Popularity of the Sports Industry
  2. What is a Master's in Sports Management?
  3. Is it worth spending money on a Master's in Sports Management?
  4. Reasons why not to study a Master's in Sports Management
  5. Why choose to open a Sportmadness franchise as an alternative to sports management studies?
  6. Conclusion
study a Master's in Sports Management

The Popularity of the Sports Industry

The world of sports has evolved into a constantly growing industry, driven by a global passion for fitness, sports entertainment, and health.

In this context, studies related to sports management, such as specialised MBA programs in sports management, Master's in sports management, or both in-person and online degrees, have emerged as a highly popular academic option for those interested in combining their passion for sports with a professional career in this sector.

In this article, we will explore what a Master's in sports management entails, the reasons to consider or avoid these programs, and whether investing in such studies is truly worthwhile.

What is a Master's in Sports Management?

A Master's in sports management is a postgraduate programme designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the business, organisational, and administrative aspects related to the sports industry.

Participants gain knowledge in sports marketing, finance, sports event management, sports law, talent development, sponsorship, and more. The goal is to prepare professionals capable of facing the unique challenges of the sports sector and successfully leading sports organisations, clubs, events, and projects.

Popularity of the Sports Industry

Is it worth spending money on a Master's in Sports Management?

The question of whether investing in a Master's in Sports Management is worthwhile is complex and depends on several personal factors. Before making a decision, consider the following:

  • Thorough research: Investigate the specific programme, its reputation, curriculum, and the professional success of its alumni.
  • Professional goals: Reflect on your career objectives and whether a Master's in Sports Management is the most suitable path to achieve them.
  • Alternatives: Explore other options, such as short courses, certifications, or internships, that can provide you with practical experience and relevant knowledge without significant financial investment.
  • Passion vs. pragmatism: Strike a balance between pursuing your passion for sports and being realistic about the job and financial opportunities that the program offers.

Sportmadness offers you an alternative:

Opening a franchise of sports events and academies. You will receive constant help and support from the beginning, with a dedicated team committed to making your business a success. You will have the necessary technological tools to be more productive and serve your clients better. Additionally, you will be working alongside an internationally recognized brand that has already brought together more than 50 entrepreneurs from around the world.

What better way to learn than by working directly on what you love? That's exactly what Sportmadness offers you.

You will acquire skills and knowledge faster than in a Master's program, and it will be 100% hands-on learning: learning directly on the playing field.

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But if you are still not convinced, keep reading.

Reasons why not to study a Master's in Sports Management

  • Financial cost: Postgraduate programs can be expensive, and it's essential to consider whether the return on investment justifies the expense.
  • Practical experience vs. academic learning: Practical experience in the sports world can be more valuable than an academic degree.
  • High job competition: The sports industry is highly competitive, and a Master's degree does not guarantee automatic employment or success.

Considering all these variables, it is highly likely that once you have finished your studies, you will consider the option of starting a business on your own. In that case, the cost and effort will be double compared to starting your own company from the beginning and learning along the way.

Masters in Sports Management

Why open a Sportmadness franchise as an alternative to sports management studies?

We highlight the following benefits you will gain by joining our franchise:

1) Proven know-how: By joining our franchise, you will gain access to our valuable knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. You will benefit from standardised operating processes, effective marketing strategies, and proven business models. You won't have to start from scratch but will build your success on a solid foundation.

sportmadness franquicia

2) Brand recognition: Our company has already established a strong reputation in the sports industry. By joining our franchise, you will benefit from the visibility and recognition of our brand. This will give you a competitive advantage and help you attract more customers to your business from day one.

3) Technology and comprehensive training: Whether you are new to the sports industry or already have previous experience, our training program will provide you with all the necessary tools to effectively run your franchise.

4) Expert guidance: Our team of specialised consultants will guide you every step of the way. You will receive personalised advice on topics such as marketing, human resources, finance, and growth strategies. We will be there to help you overcome any challenges and maximise your potential for success.

5) Comprehensive support and training: From day one, you will have the backing of our experienced team of professionals. We will provide assistance in all key areas of your business, from selecting the right personnel to managing daily operations.

And all of this for the same price as a Master's in sports management or even less!


A Master's in Sports Management can be a gateway to an exciting career in the sports industry, but it is essential to research and consider all implications before taking the plunge.

Success in this field requires a combination of education, practical experience, passion, and dedication. Ultimately, the decision lies in finding the path that best aligns with your goals and professional aspirations. Good luck on your journey into the exciting world of sports management!

Download the brochure now with all the information and discover how you can open your franchise of sports events and academies with our support and experience.

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