6 Business Ideas to Start a Company in the Sports Industry

If you are considering starting a company in the sports industry, here we are going to talk about different business ideas to start a company in the sports industry, could be on your own or by the acquisition of a sports franchise, to start earning money offering sports services.

The sports industry has become a good business and during the last few years, new companies and products focused on the technological and digital development of sports have been created to keep sports activities close to anyone.

Furthermore, is essential to consider that people are starting to consider the benefits of practicing sports in their lives, so they start to take this as a challenge, willing to travel from one city to another to be part of a sports event.

Franchise business ideas

Business ideas related to the sports industry

So, Let’s talk about some business ideas that we´ve found to start a company in the sports industry.

1. Sports Events

Races, Marathons, Triathlons, Circuit Racing, competitions of various sports, tournaments, sports events for private companies, brand events.

Depending on its scope, the profitability will be higher or lower. With Sports events you will need good organization, materials, and follow the correct processes to reach success.

You´ll work side by side with private companies or public administration with whom you would be able to charge them for your service to organize the event, also you will have some extra profit with sponsorships.

Sport events

2. Campus and Sport academies

Managing a campus or sport academies allow you to work with sporting clubs or other institutions to realize activities for every kind of public.

It is very important to have a good relationship with public and private entities, a well-established method with guidelines to follow, protocols, contracts for monitors, materials, and the appropriate technological tools to do everything professionally and efficiently.

3. Extracurricular sport activities

In this case, the objective will be to work with schools to use their facilities and offer sport activities to the youngest people.

When presenting the proposal, it must be differential, innovative, and professional. In this sense, it is convenient to have a portfolio of sport activities with an attractive program for children and their families.

4. Sport Facilities Management

In this section, we could include public sport facilities, gyms, paddle and tennis courts, football fields...in which we will realize an integral management of them to get a correct functionality, a good return on investment, and offering the best service to the users.

We will have a specialized team for the correct functionality of these facilities, as well, as the equipment material and technology that follows the minimum quality standards. Because of all these reasons, managing a sports facility is one of the highest costs and initial investment businesses.

5. Services for professional athletes and/or amateurs

Another business idea in the sports industry could be working directly with athletes, could be professional or amateur.

Some examples of businesses you can develop in this field could be:

  • Train you as a personal coach or monitor for some activity
  • Perform consulting for athletes (nutrition, psychology, legal advisory and managers)
  • App development focused on sport industry

6. Physical stores with products related to sports

Franchises usually are the most common way to open a store focused on products related with sports, but the initial fee tends to be too high.

The most common franchises in sports industry are of clothes, shoes, and sports gear.

The practice of sport in figures

According to the last survey of sport habits in Spain a 59,6% of the population has practiced sports during the last year, occasionally or regularly, this number represents an increment of 6,1% compared to 2015.

The sports enthusiasts tend to train often: the 27,1% has trained daily during the first year of the pandemic, and the 54,8% has trained at least once per week.

The most trained sports by men are football, cycling, paddle, gym, basketball, and tennis; and for the women the most popular are swimming and gymnastics.

On the other hand, thanks to the study of the Strava application we know that the distance traveled in cycling has skyrocketed to 25,6% in comparison with 2020, and a 50,2% in comparison with 2019, with 1,200 million of kilometers.

In running the distance has skyrocketed to 31% compared with the last year.

sport camps


All these data suggest that it is the perfect moment to start a sports activity business.

At Sportmadness we have more than 100 profitable sport services divided into two lines of business: events and schools, which all our franchisees can offer.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you dare to undertake in sport?

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