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At Sportmadness we work every day to support dozens of entrepreneurs and companies around the world to offer the best sports events and academies.
And we do it in a 100% digital franchise model where each company, from its total independence, is part of a global Community and enjoys advantages that allow them to be more competitive at a local level and, therefore, achieve better results.

For what kind of companies is this model??

Sportmadness is a Community made up of people with different academic and professional profiles, genders, ages, nationalities… This diversity helps us to be better and we believe that our solution can help different companies, either by creating a new line of business or improving the ones that they already have.

  • Event companies
  • Education companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Active tourism agencies
  • Companies or clubs with sports academies
  • Other companies whose current structure may have a great potential for offering sporting services
Boostez votre entreprise avec Sportmadness

How can we help you?

Savoir faire Sportmadness

Know How

You will have at your disposal a step-by-step guide on how to sell and organize dozens of sports services in our two lines of business (events and academies) and you will be able to market our own services in your area.

Marque Sportmadness


Take advantage of a leading brand, with a well-cared and respected corporate image throughout the world that will help you generate more business. We take care of the website, social networks, online positioning and make dozens of marketing materials available to you.

Technologie Sportmadness


We put at your disposal multiple technological tools that will allow you to manage your business in a very productive way and help you to generate the best experience for your clients.

Conseil et soutien Sportmadness


From the first minute we will go hand in hand to guide you, supporting you with training, planning objectives and how to meet them step by step, as well as providing you with ideas and knowledge to make your business a success.

A team to help you grow your business

Have the full support of the Central team and more than 60 franchisees around the world.

A team to help you grow your business

Have the full support of the Central team and more than 60 franchisees around the world.


Alejandro García



Guillermo Vázquez

Head of Operations


Ariadna Gracia

Product Manager

jessica sportmadness

Jessica Plaza

Marketing Manager


Miguel Alonso

Success Manager


Deborah Dalia

Success Manager


Rocío Zazo

Success Manager


Leonor Albuquerque

Success Manager


Luca Bartucci

Success Manager

aurore sportmadness

Aurore Chobaut

Success Manager

What requirements do you need to be part of the Sportmadness Community?

  • Dedicate 1 full time resource to the Sportmadness franchise.
  • Minimum annual turnover of 100.000€
  • Work with a few different clients/projects
  • - Commitment to continue to grow and build a truly successful business
  • - To be able to sell to your existing clients sports services
Organisez des évènements sportifs avec Sportmadness
Franchise sportive Sportmadness

What benefits can I get if I turn my company into a Sportmadness franchise?

  • Access to our entire community of franchisees to organise large-scale projects together with them and learn from their experiences.
  • +350 annual marketing contents on the website and main social networks.
  • Access to agreements with national and international sponsors and partners.
  • +70 hours of training and personalised follow-up.
  • +100 sports services that have been a success elsewhere ready to sell and organise.
  • Participate in the annual Sportmadness kickoff.
  • Access to agreements with first level suppliers in the best conditions.
  • Receive ongoing support from sport management experts.
  • Participate in an industry with an estimated volume of 350 billion dollars and in constant growth.

Companies that already trust us


Latitud 90 is the leading company in active tourism in Chile. Based in Santiago de Chile, it works with educational centers, companies and public administrations, providing them with tourist and educational services. Thanks to its association with Sportmadness, it can also offer its clients the best sports services.


Proeduco is a leading company in educational services, integrating various subjects (languages, mathematics, art and culture, robotics...). Since 2017 they have trusted Sportmadness to be able to incorporate the best sports academies into their portfolio of services.


1. What will I have to change in my company?

We prefer to talk about improving and not about changing. We will pass on the best practices that we have observed working with dozens of companies and we will help you with everything you need to be able to optimize your business and get the maximum possible profitability.

2. Is my zone of influence delimited?

Yes, your area of ​​influence will be delimited geographically, respecting your area of ​​local activity.

3. How long does the franchise agreement last

We firmly believe in the long term and this is how we want to work. We propose a 10-year contract in which you can leave at any time if you consider it appropriate without having to pay compensation. We want you to be with us because you find value, not because a piece of paper says so.

4. What is the price of the Sportmadness service?

It will depend on your current and future billing, but, in any case, it will be adjusted to your reality and the value you will receive from us to make your business better every day.

5. How long does the process take?

The one you want. We are ready. The most important thing is that you have 100% conviction in the step you are going to take and for that we are at your disposal to solve all the doubts you have.

6. Do I need to have my own facilities?

No. Our model does not require you to own any facility.

7. Will I be able to continue with my other activities outside sports?

Of course! The only thing we will ask you to do under the Sportmadness brand is everything that falls within our lines of business.


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