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Best jobs in sports according to your experience

If your intention is to make a living from sports, your first movements when looking for work will depend on your previous experience and especially on your training. In this article, we break down the job opportunities that you can find according to your sports profile.

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Jobs with a strong link to sport.

Sports managers with a master's degree or higher education.

You can start by contacting the great sports institutions. Organisers of competitions (UEFA, FIBA, ATP...), sports clubs, gym chains and federations are an interesting option. Another option will be to use the services of consulting and representation.

Specialists in event organization, sports marketing and communication.

If it is your case, an alternative will be to manage projects in a sports events company. It can range from promotional tasks and design of the event, to team coordination and execution. On the other hand, you can search for great companies related to sports to join their marketing and sales departments. Technological, retail, communication and media, food or consumer; there are many sectors to choose from.

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Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Science.

This degree allows you to approach the managers of sports facilities, from small gyms to large municipal sports facilities. In addition, you will have the necessary knowledge to coordinate sports activities at a collective level as a monitor or individually as a personal trainer. If you are looking for offers related to the coordination of sports activities, we recommend you register at the Sportmadness job portal.

Sports coach of a specific sport.

With this qualification, you will practice as a sports professional in a sport, as an instructor, monitor, coach and teacher. Monitor positions are quite common for the following specialties:

  • Soccer and football.
  • Basketball
  • Tennis and paddle.
  • Athletics.
  • Lifesaving.
  • Winter sports.
  • Mountain sports and climbing.
  • Others.

Graduates in physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics.

These specialties open the door at health centers and in physical conditioning . You can choose to focus on the niche of elite athletes, finding interesting outlets in sports clubs. Otherwise, there are a large number of gyms and physiotherapy centers where they will require a profile of this type.

These are some of the sport jobs to which you can dedicate yourself if you meet these profiles. You must bear in mind that the vast majority involves working for a third party, which has some advantages and disadvantages. Maybe with time, you propose a new way to combine employment and sport. In particular, that of taking control of your own business.

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But what if you combine employment and sport from your own sports management company?

At Sportmadness, we help you to start your own sports events and academies business, providing you with the know-how, tools and a continuous support team. Our goal is that you do not start alone, but that you start in the this sector with the inertia of our network of franchisees and with a defined plan of action tailor made for you.

Working in sport does not always mean working for someone else. You can also get your sports job from entrepreneurship, autonomously, or with other sports entrepreneurs. In this case, our recommendation is that you are particularly prepared to take this step. On the one hand, this preparation consists in having the necessary economic resources to start your sports business. Of course, having a background of experience in the sports field will be a plus, but what is really important will be your passion for sports.

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