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Sportmadness: The new entrepreneurship in sports

More than 30 sports entrepreneurs decide to change their lives and open their own sports management company.

Fear of failure due to lack of knowledge, too much financial risk, the need for day-to-day support... there are many barriers that sports entrepreneurs encounter when starting their business.
Starting a project from scratch implies time, learning and specialization in a specific sector, as well as having the conviction of executing a defined plan.​


All these barriers to entry often relegate people to an undesirable lifestyle. Staying in the office until late hours, specialising in sectors that are totally irrelevant in their lives, spending their free time in the car or giving up living in their favourite city. Because, as Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, says:

One of the big mistakes we make is trying to force our interest. You don't choose your passions; your passions choose you.

From the book Shortcut to Prosperity: 10 Entrepreneurial Habits and a Roadmap for an Exceptional Career.

Jeff Bezos

Founder and Amazon CEO 

From the need to help these sports entrepreneurs change their lives and live from their passion, Sportmadness was born. A group of people in charge of helping sports enthusiasts take the step to open their own business. These sports entrepreneurs are characterized by giving that change of life necessary to live from the organization and management of sport.

The symptoms a sports entrepreneur needs to join Sportmadness

After almost three years getting to know new entrepreneurs we are very clear about the characteristics that have made them take the step and open a franchise.

1. Wants to be his own boss

As a rule, a sport entrepreneur is clear that he wants to take control of his professional life. His project will involve him making his own decisions and managing the resources to be invested. Thus, a #gamechanger is a person who trusts his judgment and has a good organization.

2. Needs to reconcile his work and personal life. ​

A #GameChanger wants to own his time. He decides to be self-employed to spend quality time with his family and his hobbies. He looks for the flexibility he currently does not have. He wants to forget about the long mornings in the car on the way to the office and start thinking about picking up his kids from school, or the Thursday game with his friends. It's not that he's going to work less, but he's going to work better, more efficiently.

3. His passion is sport.

Football, basketball, skating or rugby... it doesn't matter which sport is your specialty. Sports entrepreneurs enjoy organizing and managing sports at an amateur level in all its forms: competitions, tournaments, academies, campuses... The incentive is the smile of every child after a training session, the joy of a team after winning a tournament...​

4. Has a long-term approach.

In Sportmadnes is formed by entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the world of amateur sport. They are committed to a business model that makes them grow year after year until they become a reference in sports management in their area.

Entrepreneurship in sports: Is this my moment?

A question you should ask yourself when embarking on a new project.

According to a study conducted in 2018 by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, up to 74% of global entrepreneurs open their business for a market opportunity. On many occasions they apply business models that have already worked in other markets.

Suppose you have already found promising entrepreneurial ideas that you would like to replicate. In addition, you have tested the viability of your business model and the demand for your product in a new market. Well, now it's your turn to ask yourself if you're ready at this stage of your life to start your own business through our sports franchise model.

Three variables to take into account when starting


It seems obvious to think that without experience in a sector or in team management it will be very difficult for us to start. But we have good news: this is not always the case 😉

On one hand there is Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, who began when they were under 30, with limited experience but very innovative entrepreneurial ideas. On the other hand, the average age of a successful entrepreneur is 45.

But there is middle ground that consists of relying on the knowledge and experience of another entrepreneur - the franchise model. As in the restaurant or retail sector, in sports there are also entrepreneurships, such as Sportmadness, which you can replicate independently of your experience in the sector or managing businesses.


Any entrepreneurship in sport requires an economic investment, but above all it requires time. Starting a business from scratch will mean you try, fail and keep trying until you reach success.

The advantage of using a franchise model in sports is that you start your business with already developed and optimised processes. In addition, you can count on technological tools in full operation, as well as other material resources already proven in other markets.

The added value of franchises like Sportmadness is that you can start your own sports entrepreneurship quickly and be selling your first service in less than a month, furthermore Sportmadness is probably the cheapest sports franchise that you will find in the market.


Not only will your attitude and energy be dedicated to your entrepreneurship, you must also take into account your current way of life.

To solve this potential problem, we recommend that you find solutions that allow you to balance your personal and professional life. In many sectors, entrepreneurship involves opening a shop to which you can be committed 7 days a week. In others, such as sports management, a fixed office is not necessary, which also makes it much more affordable.

In this way, models such as Sportmadness, which are technology-based and with a high commercial component, offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere while balancing your personal life

And you, do you feel like a sports entrepreneur?

There are many entrepreneurs that we have met over the last 3 years. We are aware of their main concerns when starting their own business and therefore know how to guide them in those difficult first steps.​

Very simple, we tell you about it on our sports events and academies franchise page.

Open your sport franchise!

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