How are we going to get known all over the world?

At Sportmadness, we have a clear philosophy: we want to be known all over the world. How will we achieve this? By thinking globally and acting locally.

We are convinced that our model of franchising sports events and activities is replicable around the world and that any entrepreneur with the enthusiasm and desire to create their own business in the sports sector can take it to the next level. 

We have well-defined processes and lines of business that can be transferred to any market by following the guidelines and training provided to franchisees by the core team. Therefore, with the help of local entrepreneurs, Sportmadness franchises can be present all over the world. 

One could say that the expression "think globally, act locally" sums up our plan to be known all over the world.

How are we going to get them to know us all over the world?

Sportmadness around the world

Sportmadness can operate worldwide because it has a central team that supports the development of each member of the network through a common but personalized strategy, the use of tools and the care of the brand. This allows each franchisee to provide sports services in their area with the knowledge they receive from the central team and other franchisees.

In this way, we achieve: 

🌍 That any entrepreneur can provide Sportmadness services anywhere in the world.  

📋 We provide a set of actionable and tested services that work.  

💡 Ideas for projects and services from other network members that can be replicated in other regions.  

The franchisee will need to adapt these services to their local environment and know who their customers are (always with guidance from the head office team). So we absorb knowledge from all over the world, which allows us to offer services that can be perfectly replicated worldwide. 

The globalization of franchises

Franchises are introduced worldwide because they are an attractive way to expand into new markets.  

By acquiring a franchise, an entrepreneur has access to a proven business model and a well-known and respected brand, allowing him or her to establish a business in a new location more quickly and with less risk than if starting from scratch.  

In addition, franchises have a higher success rate than independent businesses, making them attractive to investors.  

franchise globalization

Globalization has facilitated the expansion of franchising around the world by increasing international trade and making markets more accessible. Companies can take advantage of the synergies and economies of scale that come from operating in different countries and can also tailor their products and services to the needs and preferences of local consumers.  

In addition, the increasing mobility of people and the greater ease of traveling and setting up businesses in new locations have contributed to the proliferation of franchises around the world. This has allowed businesses to reach consumers and entrepreneurs interested in franchising in different parts of the world. 

If you want to know more about this topic, you can read this article written by the CEO and founder of Sportmadness, Alejandro García. 

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