How do sports franchises work?

If you are thinking of setting up a business and are looking for ideas related to sport, you may be interested to know how sports franchises work and what business opportunities they offer. 

Sports franchises may not be as well known as restaurant franchises or clothing franchises, but you should know that they also exist with different lines of business that can be adapted according to the preferences of the entrepreneur or businessman/businesswoman. We can find sports franchises that offer sports event services or others that are more focused on selling sports equipment and clothing.

In the case of franchises, the risk is much lower than starting a business from scratch and the investment is also lower.

So let's see how sports franchises work!

how franchises work

What are sports franchises?

Let's start with the basics, what is a franchise? It is a contract whereby a company grants another company the marketing of certain products or services under its symbols and brands in a specific area and with its technical assistance in exchange for an entry fee and a periodic royalty.

Therefore, in the case of sports franchises, we are talking about a commercial distribution that provides the franchisee with a series of products or services within the sports sector that can be exploited under the franchise brand. 

One of the advantages of sports franchises is that they offer different lines of business to which you can dedicate yourself. In general, you can find the following:

1) Sport events: have you ever thought: "I would love to organise a marathon? Now you can do it thanks to sport franchises like Sportmadness. So if you would like to dedicate yourself to the organization of sport events you have the opportunity to do it through a sport franchise. Some examples of the events you can organise are:

  • Popular races
  • MTB, Trail and night races
  • Duathlon, Triathlon and obstacle races
  • Padel and tennis tournaments
  • Football championships and leagues
  • Basketball and 3x3 leagues
  • Calisthenics and street sports
  • Speed skating races

2)Sports campuses: you will have in the palm of your hand everything you need to create, organise and sell a sports campus. You will offer a professional and quality campus for children, whose main objective is to generate a positive impact among participants by instilling healthy habits. In addition, the focus will be on organising attractive activities with high visibility among the local sports community so that it can be repeated year after year. 


3) Sports academies: with a sports franchise you can also run a sports academy of your choice. You will offer quality sport by managing extracurricular activities in schools, municipal schools, sports clubs and directed activities of any modality.


You have already seen the great variety that exists to set up a sports management company. Moreover, your clients can be both public and private organisations - in the case of municipalities, companies, sports clubs, gyms - or the end user who participates directly in the activities. 

The possibilities are endless and the combinations of the type of sport and the type of service you can choose are also enormous. 

Why open a sports franchise?

Physical exercise continues to gain importance among the population every year, with outdoor activities being the most popular. 

This is reflected in a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine. The report shows a shift towards home and outdoor training, which ranks third in the ranking of global fitness trends. 

Therefore, we can say that sports services have the audience secured. In addition, there is now a growing awareness in society of the importance of sport and public administrations are looking to offer sporting activities that improve the quality of life of citizens. 

In addition, it should be noted that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization has stated that "Large-scale sporting events are important opportunities to promote the health and social benefits of physical activity and sport, and guarantee a lasting legacy in terms of health for future generations," which is why the importance of practicing sport among the population is increasingly highlighted.

How can I start a sports franchise and how do they work?

As we have already mentioned, sport is an activity that is becoming more and more deeply rooted in the consumer habits of the population. This increase in the demand for sports activities has made it possible for businesses dedicated to satisfying the needs of these users to grow, which has led to the existence of sports franchises. 

Within this sector we can highlight the following:

  • Sports services franchises
  • Sports equipment franchises
  • Food or sports nutrition franchises
  • Sports shoe franchises
  • Sports betting franchises

Sports brand franchises are very valuable and it is one of the important points to take into account when choosing a franchise. The brand has to have a strong value proposition and be recognised by the public. 

Starting a sports franchise is very easy, with Sportmadness you just have to contact us through this form: 

We will contact you and explain everything Sportmadness can offer you. 

On the other hand, we will listen to your ideas and we will help you to implement them once the contract is signed. From the head office you will always have the necessary support to make your sports business successful. 

Its operation is also very simple. A franchise of sports events and academies like Sportmadness management franchise like Sportmadness will provide you with the brand, the services to sell, the support you need, the technology to manage the business efficiently and a community of sports professionals. 

Therefore, once you are in you will have all the tools you need to expand your franchise in the agreed area and offer professional sports services.

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