How to achieve a work-life balance thanks to a sports franchise

According to a study conducted in 2017 by Gallup, only 15% of people worldwide are engaged and satisfied in their careers. Most of us have sat in an office bored and unhappy, dreaming of a career that seems impossible. But with the help of Sportmadness it is possible to change your life and make a living through sports, finding that satisfying and rewarding career.

A key aspect of being satisfied is finding the perfect work-life balance, being able to manage family commitments and a personal life alongside the responsibilities of a career. While this may seem difficult, there are solutions.

Achieving work-life balance through our sports franchise

But how can a franchise do this? Here are some key ways.


#1.Owning your time

While this does not mean you do not have to work hard to be successful, or work little hours, owning your time allows you to arrange your schedule and day-to-day life in whichever way is more comfortable. Being able to manage your time effectively can be a difficult skill to learn, however, when mastered, the possibilities are endless. Most importantly owning your time allows you to no longer miss key life events, such as dinners and family occasions: as your own boss you can create your schedule around the events you want to be at, thus improving your work-life balance.

#2.Working from home

First of all, working from home allows you to ditch the commute - a process that studies show causes high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Not only does owning your own franchise control how you work, but where; want to commute to your local coffee shop, or spend the day working in bed? It is all possible with a Sportmadness franchise.

Working from home also gives you the benefit of being around your family and friends for longer; we have all often had to miss family time due to work, with Sportmadness you have the ability to constantly be around the people you want to be around. Whether you work to support yourself, or support a family, you should have the freedom to be with them as much as possible; something that can happen with a Sportmadness franchise.

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3) Following your passion

Millions around the world dream of a job they truly love and feel passionate about, but it is something many will never experience. A Sportmadness franchise allows you to make a living from sport, an industry you surely feel passion for. Furthermore, by truly loving your job, the work-life balance improves dramatically; you would have no issue working harder or occasionally longer, due to the joy of the sport industry.

4) A more satisfying, happier life

Above all, having a career you love and feel passionate for brings more satisfaction and happiness to your life; being content in all aspects of your life further improves your work-life balance. As Sportmadness' global network increases, so does the global demand for workplace satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance; we believe that Sportmadness can help facilitate the change the world needs, as we have already begun to do.

It is clear that a healthy work-life balance, with passion for the work you do, is key to a happy and fulfilled life. But how can Sportmadness help with this? Simple, with your own Sport management business from Sportmadness.

Sportmadness give the know-how, marketing, and technology needed to allow you to organise your own sport services.

Alongside a community of likeminded entrepreneurs who wanted to improve their work-life balance and be happy in what they do, you can start your journey and change your life. Of course not everything is perfect; as in any career there are obstacles and difficulties, but our sports management franchise model is ideal for someone who wants to follow their dreams and make a living from sport. Star now and change your life!

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