The management franchise model in the sports sector

Sportmadness establishes the sports management model

After 14 months under the sports management franchise model, Sportmadness has established the model in Spain and now focuses on international expansion.

When we started the management franchise model Sportmadness, there were doubts.

Why had no one done it before?

Was it possible to replicate an 100% service model?

Would we be able to describe in detail how a sports management franchise is run?

To erase these doubts, we started looking for examples of sports management franchises all over the world and we found some interesting companies to learn from. However, all of them were centered in a certain niche; soccer classes for children between 2 and 12 years, amateur sports leagues ... None had a broad service portfolio with services focused on different sport-loving audiences.

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In recent years, together with Sportmadness, other models of sports management franchises that are working well. These models are appearing mostly in Anglo-Saxon countries (where else?), mainly the United States and the United Kingdom, but there are also interesting franchises in Australia, India or New Zealand.

This disparity of sports themes and places show that the sports franchise model is growing and that customers (entrepreneurs) appreciate it.

3 factors that are contributing to the growth of the sports management franchise model.



More and more people do sport, regardless of gender, race, age or economic possibilities.

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Entrepreneurship continues to grow, either because of the search for new job opportunities or for better training.

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The "home-based" jobs that allow a better balance of work and family life are increasingly common.

Although all these social changes are still not too pronounced in Spain and Latin America, or not at least as much as in the Anglo-Saxon countries, it is an unstoppable trend that will change society as we know it.

This brings an opportunity for many people to change their lives and enjoy a job dedicated to their passion; sport, openning a sports management franchise.

Why do we ensure that the sports management franchise model works?

The results achieved, both in terms of turnover and profitability have confirmed the hypotheses from which the model was born; it is possible to make a living with your own sports management business . Obviously, having the support of an expert team, a brand and tools, is something that facilitates this achievement. But let's not confuse ourselves, we are a support, they (the franchisees) are the protagonists. As we like to say, we are the coaches, they are the players.

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Does this mean that the model will work always and for anyone? The answer is obvious. No. The sports management franchises can only work when there are entrepreneurs behind with the necessary strength to push it, to go out to the street to get business and to offer the best sports experiences, adapting the Sports events, camps and sports schools to each client.

Fortunately we have many of these entrepreneurs in our team, which has allowed us to confirm that the model works and has created a niche in the franchise market - before Sportmadness there had been nothing similar. Sportmadness.

The challenge is still enormous, as well as taking care of and continuing to support our current franchisees, soon we will start working in new countries, which means a qualitative leap in all senses. All with the aim of continuing to prove that the model works and that those who bet on Sportmadness manage to create a successful business.

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