Impostor syndrome, am I qualified to start a business?

If you have ever doubted whether you are ready to start a business or whether you will be able to do it but it is really what you want and would like to start, you may be suffering from what many people suffer from nowadays: you have the impostor syndrome. 

You are probably prepared and trained to make the right decision if you really want to start a business. 

If that idea is always in your head and you find good opportunities but you don't dare to take the plunge, don't let your emotions and thoughts get in the way and stop you from looking for the path you want to build in the business world.

What is impostor syndrome? 

Let's start at the beginning, what is imposter syndrome?

There are various definitions, but they all refer to the feeling of being a "fraud", of believing that you don't belong where you are, or that you are not prepared for what lies ahead. 

Impostor syndrome can be very destructive because it makes us believe that we do not deserve to be in the position we have earned through hard work and dedication.

Impostor syndrome is the experience of feeling like a phony or an imposter. It is a highly destructive, negative and self-limiting belief system. You have probably experienced this inner monologue at least once in your life: "I can't possibly be good at this" or "This isn't real or it will all be over soon, so I'd better quit before I get into trouble".

This is why these kinds of emotions and thoughts can limit you from deciding to start a business. 

We have to overcome the impostor syndrome - how to do it? 

Many people dream of one day setting up their own business. But it is important to know that the road to becoming an entrepreneur is not always easy.

You may feel that you are not qualified, that you are not good enough, or that someone else could do it better than you. 

These common doubts are known as "imposter syndrome", and entrepreneurs must be able to overcome them if they want to succeed both personally and professionally.

According to author Neús Arqués in her book on this syndrome, there are four keys to overcoming impostor syndrome: 


1) Don't be afraid of visibility: it is a resource to promote ourselves and make ourselves known, which will help us to evolve in our career.


2) Self-educate yourself so as not to run away from possible success: do not live in fear of success because you are not what is expected of you.


3) Identify what may be holding you back and eliminate it: put your work on the table in a quantitative way and visualise everything that has gone ahead thanks to you.


4) Draw up a career plan that will take you up the career ladder: identify your strengths and make those talents visible.

Sportmadness franchisees, how did they overcome the fears to open a business?

Starting a business is as challenging as overcoming imposter syndrome, but it can be done. The most important step is to believe in yourself and your ability.

Everyone is afraid to start a business on their own. In the beginning, it certainly takes a lot of courage and determination, but once you start growing your business every day it gets easier.

You will have to make difficult decisions about what to do, how to set up your business quickly and how to market it effectively. There are many reasons that deter people from starting their own business, but at the end of the day, if you have that passion for something and you really believe in it, then you have to start.

open a business

This is where Sportmadness and its franchisees come in, who decided to open a business in the sports industry because of their passion for sport and entrepreneurship.

They overcame that initial fear of starting a business from scratch thanks to the support they received from day one through the Sportmadness franchise, giving them all the necessary resources to get their business up and running from day one: sales-ready services, commercial dossiers, technological tools, support in their marketing strategies, transfer of a consolidated brand, personalised support and a long etcetera. 

Here you can see some of their testimonials:

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