5 keys steps for your sponsorship proposal to be a success

When preparing a sponsorship proposal for a brand, you have to take into account some details that can make a difference

The objective is clear: to add value to the customer through your proposal helping them to connect with their target customers.

In addition to the typical (explain the product or service object of the sponsorship, the geographical scope and how the activation will be executed), there are five important points that you must take into account to generate the greatest impact!

Previous work: brand study

We must start by knowing! To the customer and their market. Powerful market research is the best way to begin to understand and gain the trust of your potential sponsor. You must have studied their brand well, know its position in the market, its history in the world of sports sponsorship and intuit the objectives that sponsorship may have.

This study will help you to fully personalize the sponsorship proposal initial and to establish connections from the first contact.

sponsorship proposal market study

Define a common target with the brand

This will be the link with the brand where its target coincides with yours.

Focusing on sports management, the target audience to which the brand sells its products or services must coincide with the target audience of the sponsored sports event.

To do this, we will study how the user behaves in their day to day, when they consume the product of the potential sponsor, and what relationship there is between these behaviors and sport. Once this relationship is argued, you will be much closer to convincing the target brand with your sponsorship proposal.

This key step helped us, for example, to design the Factory Soccer World Cup by understanding that it had a much higher probability of success with its target audience through an innovative tournament instead of the Campuses that the client had been developing.

It offers different sponsorship plans according to its objectives

Clients do not always look for a brand and reach dissemination actions. They may also be interested in testing the acceptance of a new product, producing a user experience or simply generating content to better position themselves in their sector as a corporately responsible brand with health and care of people.

For this, it is advisable to offer different levels of sponsorship (the ideal is between 3 and 4). At each level you can add marketing actions and activations with which to make the brand interact with the target audience and gradually increase the impact of the sponsorship. The higher the impact, obviously, the higher the budget you can demand to carry out the sponsorship.

We show you a schematic example of what would look like sponsorship proposal sports by levels:

propuesta de patrocinio por niveles

Personalization: marketing and activation actions

Based on the objectives defined in your sponsorship proposal, look for original and unusual actions in the brand sector. Do not settle for assigning the sponsor the "branding" of the event or placing a sponsored canvas.

At Sportmadness we have our own methodology that allows us to devise innovative actions to give birth to personalized projects that our clients love.

Always remember that the end goal is for the user to live a memorable experience, interacting with your product and go home with the brand in mind.

The memory of the brand is multiplied when it is positively experienced with it. This is one of the reasons why sponsorships still work today, especially sports sponsorships.

The combination of quantitative return actions (measured according to the people reached) enhanced by digital channels and qualitative return actions, such as brand activations on the day of the event, represent a perfect marketing mix. The one feeds the other. That is why, when preparing the Marketing and Brand Activation Plan, it is convenient to divide it into 3 phases:

Before the event

Warm-up phase through quantitative return actions. The dissemination of the sponsorship will be accompanied by the same campaign to attract users of the event. In this phase, the generation of expectation and mystery is the order of the day.

During the event

Celebration of the event and brand activation. Right moment to obtain a qualitative return by putting the user and the brand in direct contact. Product testing and "branded content" are quite common and recommended user experiences at this stage.

After the event

The post-event is always linked to the "sharing" of the user experience. A report, a set of images or a simple video of the brand activation can be very valuable material for this last phase. Discover, for example, the videos we made for Ecologics or Viesgo that allowed them to continue making their events profitable even if they had finished.

Measurement: scope of the Action Plan

Quantify (by way of estimation) all the actions you propose. Set a quantitative scope objective for your Action Plan to measure the success of the sponsorship and let your client know how you are going to measure it and what the campaign report that you deliver will include once it is finished.

The easiest actions to quantify in your sponsorship proposal are:

  • Those actions in digital media: email marketing, advertising campaigns in search engines and social networks, publications in social networks ...
  • Those actions that involve interacting with the participants of the event, which will usually match the total number of participants.

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