Online franchises: Low investment and high profitability

A business that generates a fixed income for me, without having to invest a large amount and allows me to live the life I want: The Online franchises

You are not the first person, nor the last to consider creating an income path that allows you to have the life you want.

The online world has opened an important gap in this search for profitable online businesses that work and that allow you to earn money and it is right here where online franchises also known as digital franchises appear.

At Sportmadness we knew how to take advantage of this trend and for this reason we decided to create the sports management franchises.

An innovative idea in the market that has allowed us to open more than 25 delegations in several countries in just one year.

What are online franchises or digital franchises?


If we understand that a franchise is a business model that has worked and whose owner has decided to market it so that others can generate the same business, we just have to add the word "online". In other words, in online franchises you do not need your own premises to carry out the activity.

We already talked about what you should take into account before choosing a franchise now we will focus on understanding the concept and then we will see what benefit they have.

Digital franchises


Saying online franchises does not mean that the service is only offered digitally, we repeat, you do not need your own premises, but it may be that the services are offered at the client's home.

Not only online stores, and marketing agencies can be considered online franchises.

I explain:

Sportmadness, for example, is this type of franchise.


Our online franchises

At Sportmadness we develop a business model for other entrepreneurs to live by creating sports events.

The key to all this and what makes it one of the most profitable online franchises is that there is no physical premises, there are no millionaire investments in real estate, there are no reforms, there are no premises, everything is developed in an online environment except the service itself.

I'll give you a very simple example:

We assume that you are a Sportmadness franchisee, and you are working on your online business. A client, who thanks to the positioning of the brand has found you on Google, calls us because he is interested in holding an event and wants you to do it for him.

From that moment, all the commercial tools, the follow-up, the sending of proposals will be all online, you can go to visit him, but we always go to the "client's house".

Suppose also that the client agrees to the proposal.

We started executing the sports service in the installation of a third party (a private club, for example) we do all the monitoring of the service with our digital platform (registration, step by step of the test, personnel management...) and so on until the service closure.


A sports service with which you have generated business whose cost is only the staff.

There are no premises, there are no people in your structure, there are no vehicles... that means MORE MARGIN for you. That's why our new online franchise works.


Making a service tangible is important, but this can be achieved with good marketing materials and a clear sales strategy. The client will understand perfectly what the service is and you will take advantage of the facilities of others. Therefore, with many who have achieved through their online franchise earn money organizing sporting events

We repeat it a lot:

"The business of 15 years ago was to build sports facilities, now it is knowing how to exploit them"

Rare is the week in which a sports center does not contact us through the web to ask us for help with the management of their club or sports center. That's why we know.

In addition, online franchises have another plus and that is that, as they do not require a location and are digital franchises, opening the business is much cheaper around €5,000 to €20,000 normally.

This, together with the fact that the investment amortization periods are much shorter, represents a brutal self-employment opportunity and that is why our new online franchise model is one of the most profitable.

And last touch, the fact that these businesses are digital in nature makes them somehow ready to scale faster.

Now you have to know if it is a good time for you.

Sportmadness is a idea of ​​entrepreneurship in sports that has helped create the life that many people want but you must know if it is your moment.

Do you want to be part of our online franchise community?

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