Why should I choose a franchise to start a business?

We have two answers to the question of whether you should choose a franchise to start a business.

Simple answer: you will have a team that supports you from the start and a business idea that is proven to work.

But if you want to know more and are seriously considering opening a franchise, in this case, a sports franchise, we encourage you to read on and see how it can be a great help to start a business through the franchise business model.

In this article we will review some of the benefits that franchises have when it comes to planning, developing, and starting up a business.

choosing a franchise to start a business

Benefits of choosing a franchise to start a business

If you are thinking of starting your own business, a franchise may be right for you. A franchise has many benefits for the entrepreneur and can help ensure success.

Starting a franchise has many advantages. Businesses can be started with much less risk and investment than starting from scratch, and by choosing an existing franchise, you have access to the marketing, training, and support of an established company.

In addition, when you start a business as a franchisee you can get to use the product or service offered under a well-known brand, learning from others who are doing similar work. This can save you time and money, as you avoid investing in marketing and building brand awareness on your own.

According to the news portal franquicias.net there are 10 main advantages why choosing a franchise to start a business is a good idea:

  1. The business is proven and has experience in the market.
  2. Acquisition of the know-how or the key to its success.
  3. Brand image and recognition at national/international level.
  4. More favorable purchasing conditions.
  5. Technical assistance and monitoring of the operation of the business.
  6. Initial and ongoing training to be able to operate within the activity.
  7. Publicity for the company, sometimes in major media.
  8. Financing facilities through agreements with credit institutions as less investment is required.
  9. Help with the location of our business in the event of needing premises.
  10. Research and development of new products/services.
franchises are the best business
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Sports franchising

If you have dreamed of having your own business a franchise can help you speed up this process and take less risk, so it's worth considering!

Sport is a very popular sector and there are many sports franchise businesses that can be opened. Most of them are very successful and profitable. If you want to know more about sports franchising and how it can help you to start your own business, click here.

Why choose Sportmadness to start your business?

Sportmadness can boast almost 10 years of experience in the market, with a team of sport experts that will become your best partner if you join our community as a franchise owner.

With our franchise model, we give opportunities to people to finally change their steady office life into a more dynamic and stimulating one. Moreover, our franchise allows our partner to transform their passion for sport into a real business opportunity and to make a living out of what they are more passionate about.

Our business model allows you to strive for your goals working remotely, which let breaking down the structure costs and maximize the profitability of your franchise. You would be your own boss with all the advantages that derive from it.

If that is what you are aspiring to, it is time for you to take a step forward and change your life for good!

Apart from a follow-up weekly meeting with the operations department and initial online training to give you the know-how and be prepared to launch the business, we will provide you with all the services that you will need to succeed.


Our team will give you all the support that you need. Your commitment and desire for success will lead your franchise to reach your goals, which combined with our knowledge and constant assistance, they will be closer and closer.


In the digital area, we cannot think about running a business without technology. The advanced technology platforms that we provide to our franchise let them manage their business 100% with it: project management tool for economic and financial aspects, online ticketing platform for the sales, and commercial activities platform, registration platform, customizable sales dossier and app for sport schools, academies and campuses.


You can count on our brand identity, and it will be yours too. 

We guarantee an online positioning to the top placements on Google, an exhaustive website with our story and what we do, we keep active profiles on social media creating quality content and engaging audiences and customers, and we create multimedia content to make your sales more smooth. This means more business opportunities.


We will provide you with a portfolio of a collection of successful services and products previously provided by other Sportmadness franchisees. With this process, we optimize the cost and maximize the profitability and success rate of your franchise. This is what we call best practice because the success of one franchise can be replicated by other franchisees, adapting it to different circumstances. 

For example, the success of a canoe race along the Seine River in Paris can be replicated by another franchisee on Lake Como in Italy, following and adjusting if necessary the steps that were taken in the first event.

You will not be left alone!

We created a community of sport enthusiasts and business-minded people that operates locally and think globally. Our community is growing internationally in Europe and in Latin America. This will give you the occasion to explore different markets and take the best out of it for your franchise too.

You will have at your disposal a sales dossier and multimedia content to facilitate your sales and show your clients what are the benefits and the level of motivation and professionalism that is behind your franchise and our company.

Do you want to know more about how to open an events and academies sports franchise? Contact us using the form below:

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