Will Sportmadness work in my market?



And Yes.  

We are convinced that it will.  

The Sportmadness model is designed to fit any location in the world. We have an infinite portfolio of services in our two sectors of activity: events and activities. This wide range of services to offer allows us to cover the different needs that exist in each region. 

In addition, we have a boost that is paying in our favor. Sports activity is growing all over the world. For example, in France, according to data from the INJEP-MEDES of the Ministry of Sports, more than 64% of French people practice a sport at least once a week, which represents more than 43 million people. 31% of French people have participated in a sporting event in the last 3 years in France. These rates are similar in most developed countries and in many other places the growth is more significant.     

These dramatic increases in the number of athletes, the growing evidence of the benefits of sports participation on people's physical and emotional well-being, and the maturity of the industry are contributing to the fact that, according to consulting firm Allied Market Research's study of the sports events sector, the industry's revenue will grow from $185 billion in 2022 to the $609 billion projected for 2031. In other words, the industry will triple in volume over the next 9 years.   

Will Sportmadness work in my market

So we can claim that we have the demand to our advantage all over the world.

But what about the offer?  

Our sector is characterized by atomization. It is composed of thousands of companies that are small-sized (less than 3 employees) and local (there are no multinationals).

This size affects their ability to generate economies of scale and makes them less competitive. And the objective of Sportmadness is precisely to be the leading company in the world in the amateur sport sector.

This is a goal that will be achieved through the daily work of hundreds of people that will ultimately benefit our franchisees as they will have more knowledge, tools, and abilities to compete locally.   

Of course, we will continue to have competition, but as Sportmadness grows, we will be increasingly prepared to take on the market and deliver the best sports experiences to our customers and end users.  

So the question should be how we get there.   

We don't have a magic stick or a perfect recipe. If only! What we do know is that the first step to achieving the success we hope for is to find the best entrepreneurs where they are.   

In addition to talent, we need a process. That's why we work daily from Sportmadness headquarters to develop systems that allow us to understand each market and to develop, with our franchisees, the best sports services. In this way, we can cover, in each market, the existing needs and, in many opportunities, replicate all the success stories that have been developed by other franchisees in other places. 

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