Why trust a company to manage your after school activities?

Extracurricular activities are a fun and educational way for children to discover different sports and to promote integration and respect among all.

It is important that these activities comply with current regulations and are run by qualified staff, so that parents can be sure that their children are in good hands.

Relying on a company specialised in sports services such as Sportmadness allows you to make sure that you comply with these processes and offer you the possibility of choosing between traditional sports, such as football, tennis or basketball, and to discover new and original sports such as hockey, flag football or martial arts.

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How do we manage after school activities?

The incorporation of technological tools and the experience in the management of this type of services have the consequence of the outsourcing of this type of activities that lead to have many advantages for the schools.

The most important points that we take into account when managing after school activities are:

1) Maintaining supervision by delegating day-to-day coordination

The school, in collaboration with the company, decides which after school activities it wants to offer its children and will assist in the general supervision at all times. However, you will not have to worry about the most complicated part, the daily management and coordination of the activities.

At Sportmadness, this service is done through the Sportmadness App. Through it, the school has a supervisory role to be aware of the service, but the management is entirely the responsibility of the company.

2) Operational and technical management

The management of after school activities requires the constant resolution of incidents and a high level of administrative management. Substitutions, payroll, payment control, registrations... In addition, if the school wants the activities to have an adequate quality, it requires an important training and technical supervision.

For these two reasons, with outsourcing, the school can delegate this management to companies like Sportmadness, ensuring an excellent service and freeing up staff and resources for other projects in the centre.

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3) Clear and easy communication

Families and the school must be able to communicate effectively at all times and thus be able to control different aspects of each activity immediately and clearly.

Why have to physically go to the centre to register your child, pay the fee or check the class calendar when you can do it all from an app?

Alternatives such as WhatsApp groups are not effective... as they are overloaded with messages and this means that parents are not aware of communications. Sportmadness, among its services, provides its own technology specifically designed so that both the school and the family can be in contact at all times and in just a few clicks.

With the app you will be able to:

  • Access the school calendar
  • Monitor children's attendance
  • Send group or individual coach-family communications
  • Request substitutions
  • Evaluate the service

4) Obtain attendance and satisfaction data

It is important, during and after the school activities, to know the level of attendance and, above all, the degree of satisfaction of all parties involved (centre, coaches, families, children).

The fact of being able to digitally collect concrete data on the quality of the implementation of the activities makes it possible to promptly adjust any aspect that needs to be modified and/or reinforced and to enable the company to make proposals for improvement from year to year.

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5) Follow all compliance processes

By relying on a company that has a deep understanding of all sports management processes, the school can be assured of internal and external compliance, without any risk of incurring criminal consequences. This is the best guarantee for the school, and above all for the children and parents.

Relying on Sportmadness the school will be able to count on:

  • Registered instructors
  • Contracting civil liability and accident insurance
  • Qualified trainers
  • Certificates of criminal records and sexual offences
  • Data Protection Act compliance
  • Compliance with tax regulations

As in any entity, it is best to focus resources and efforts on the core activities of the service. Educational centres, therefore, should rely on specialised companies in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the processes, improve the quality of their activities and, therefore, the satisfaction of children and parents.

Organise your extracurricular activities with Sportmadness!

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